Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to optimize Mac performance with speed up Mac tool?

Are you facing problem of slow Mac? Then you might need a saviour tool to help you in this situation. Performance of your Mac can get slow because of unused, old, cache, temporary files. Unwanted applications, unused widgets, plugins can also affect the Mac processing speed. So to boost the Mac's processing speed you need to remove all these junk files from the system. You can use an all-in-one utility for removing all the unused data from your Mac.

Stellar Speedup Mac is a tool to remove all the unwanted data from your Mac. This speedup Mac utility deletes all junk files, duplicate files, cache files, universal binaries and uninstall all unwanted applications, widgets, plugins etc. to increase the Mac performance.

speedup Mac tool

Clean my Mac:
Stellar speedup also has a very unique feature i.e. Clean my Mac. With Clean my Mac you can select specific volumes and folders and can remove junk files from selected volumes and folders only.

Clean my Mac-Speedup Mac

Automatic Uninstaller:
Stellar Speedup Mac has an “Automatic Uninstaller” feature. With automatic uninstaller you can delete unwanted files by just dragging files into the application uninstaller area.

Automatic uninstaller of unwanted applications

This software has a schedular within it that runs the software automatically and deletes all the junk files and folders. Schedular also has the responsibility of updating the software version whenever available.

Remove duplicate files:
If we have duplicate files in our Mac then it occupies double space and increases processing time. So removing duplicate files can enhance Mac performance. Duplicate files can also be deleted using this software.

Remove duplicate files in Mac

Remove temporary cache files: 
Whenever a user visit a web page then content of the web page are downloaded into cache and so when the next time user will acess that web page then only new content needs to get downloaded ,the old content is already available in the cache. Cache files occupies lots of space of hard disk. So these cache files needs to be deleted to enhance system performance.

You can also get rid of the cache files which gets automatically downloaded in the system during surfing on internet.

Remove temporary cache files

Remove unwanted widgets and plugins:
Widgets are basically small applications that are embedded in a web page . This tool helps you to remove all the unnecessary widgets and uninstall all the unused plugins from OS X.

Remove unwanted widgets and plugins in Mac

So Stellar Speedup Mac is equipped with all the above declared features and this makes makes it a powerful tool to get rid of all the unused,unwanted,junk files from your Mac.

Few points that Mac user must know:
  • Always try to keep your desktop clean. Don't create too many shortcuts on desktop.
  • Empty Mac Trash regularly.
  • In case you don't use the dashboard then to increase system performance it is advisable to deactivate it.
  • Deactivate any program that is giving dynamic look to your desktop. It looks nice but also it uses lots of processor time.