Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Mac won't pass beyond the White Screen? How Should I get rid of this irritating error?

I bet, many of the Mac users (including myself) have come across the 'White Screen' error on OS X. This error is so irritating that it won't let you go beyond the white screen causing all sorts of agony. The personal data including media files, videos, applications, and office data seems to be completely out of reach when this error occurs.   

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“Alias of White Screen of Deaths are: Stop Error, WSoD, White Box/Screen of Doom, or preferably White Death affects all OS, even Macs, iPods & iPhones.”

Symptoms of White Screen: 

Upon turning ON the Mac, a blank white screen appears disallowing the OS X to boot further. No further activity can be done upon receiving a White Screen, desktop won't load, no dock & finder etc. All stuck on White Screen.  
Reason for White Screen Error:

Either the Kernel Panics or a bad hard drive is responsible for White Screen error on Macs. A bad hard drive may be caused by any logical or physical deterioration. If the hard drive has cultivated bad blocks or file system errors then this would result in Kernel Panics (like White Screen of Death). Other minor reasons for a White Screen of Death could be any changes made in the hardware that might be conflicting with the present Mac OS installed. E.g.: A RAM change may bring in WsoD.

What a lay user can do to fix Stop Error?

Initially, Apple suggests to reset P.R.A.M & N.V.R.A.M to change any notice:
  1. Turn off the WsoD affected system. Do it by force shutdown.
  2. Switch on the Mac again until a boot sound appears.
  3. Push hold on CMD+Opt+P+R keys syn-chronically
  4. Keep the control of the keys up to the system starts again, and boot sound is made twice.
  5. Relax the keys now.
The Result of above applied steps:

The system may wake up from the Stop Error and boot as normal. Many users have experienced resetting PRAM & NVRAM, causing the error to resolve. However, many of them still did not go beyond the white screen that appeared after a good boot up. 

Now what to do?
  1. When the above 5 steps didn't prove to of much help you can try resetting the SMC.
  2. Close the Mac.
  3. Detach any peripherals, cables, power wires, battery etc.
  4. Be patient for several minutes.
  5. Re-attach all the cables, peripherals like before.
  6. Now turn ON the OS X
The WSoD might be a frustrating error but with the help of proper steps it can be resolved without taking it for a repair.