Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Free macOS Sierra 10.12 Data Recovery Software Alternatives

Now and then Mac users are upgrading their previous OS X to macOS Sierra 10.12. During the macOS Sierra update and after-while, some users have reported the loss of their critical data. Though the macOS Sierra upgrade process is entirely risk-free at times, the upgrade may not go as expected. This causes loss of OS X data and absence of Time Machine backup make it worse than ever. Apart from the upgrade, several files are deleted accidentally; external storage devices are erased unknowingly, and lots of other activities happen unexpectedly which leads to loss of data on macOS Sierra 10.12.

So, there exists some reasons that results in data loss on macOS Sierra. And to recover the lost, formatted and deleted data you have to pick up a Mac data recovery software that must support data recovery on macOS Sierra 10.12.

Top Free macOS Sierra Data Recovery Tools

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Free Edition

Features include data recovery from emptied trash, erased external hard drives, logically unmounted disks and partitions. Advance set of features that Stellar Phoenix Free Mac Data Recovery possesses is recovery from deleted or lost HFS, NTFS, FAT and EXFAT partitions. Further, it recovers from BootCamp partition (Windows OS). To add more advance features, Stellar Phoenix is said to perform data recovery from a Time Machine storage device and Time Capsule sparse bundle disk images. It also has the capability of recovering deleted data from an encrypted hard drive. Stellar Phoenix does include exclusive data recovery features for macOS Sierra 10.12 and below OS X versions. Source page - Register Free Mac Data Recovery

2. Disk Drill 3 for Mac

Features include – data recovery from an empty trash folder, erased media, startup disks and partitions. The best part of Disk Drill 3 for Mac is the inclusion of Android and iPhone data recovery into its interface. You can connect your iPhone to Mac and launch this application on macOS Sierra to perform data recovery of your files from iOS device. Further, the UI of the Disk Drill 3 is one of the best available in the data recovery software industry. You can run this application to launch ‘Deep Scan’ of the hard drive. Further, it allows a feature to repair the damages done to a particular HD or volume.  Source page - http://www.cleverfiles.com/

3. DoYourData Recovery

Not much is heard of DoYourData Recovery earlier, but it seems to have made its way recently into the data recovery industry. The best part is that it has a macOS Sierra data recovery utility which could help you just in time. Features include – trash data retrieval, formatted drive data recovery, partition recovery, support for basic audio, video, documents and applications. The interface seems to be one of the simplest available all around. Do try it for your purpose. Source page - http://www.doyourdata.com/

4. Ufushare Data Recovery

This application too support data recovery from a macOS Sierra system by allowing you to recover permanently deleted files, hard-erased storage devices (USB), and provides support for Apple's native files system (HFS,HFS+) to NTFS, FAT, EXFAT. This tool helps users recover data in 3 steps i.e. select the hard drive, scan and recover files. In between, you can also preview the files that it can recover for you. Source page - http://www.ufushare.com/

Hope this blog helps you choose the best data recovery software for macOS Sierra 10.12.