Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Best Repair and Maintenance Apps for macOS Sierra

Summary: This article is primarily written to share with you some of the essential Mac hard drive repair application which also support latest macOS Sierra. 
If you are the self-administerative of your Mac OS X for taking care of all the Mac related problem, then you need certain apps which help you when your Mac doesn’t work properly. There arise various problems like: data loss; Mac running slow, or you want to improve the performance or the Mac hard drive. In all the situation mentioned above, the best Mac OS X repair and maintenance apps will prove helpful for you. And, today in this article we have compiled a list of all such Mac essential utilities which you can use on Mac system without any problems.

Essential Mac Repair and Maintenance Apps:

1.DiskWarrior 4: When it comes to selecting the best App for rebuilding and recovering data from a Mac drive, DiskWarrior comes in the 1st place. Diskwarrior is a Mac volume repair tool that comes handy for rebuilding all the corrupted directory structure of a Mac drive. It does this by building a new replacement directory instead of identifying and removing the patches from the current drive. It also acts as a data saviour tool and used by thousands of Mac users worldwide. 
Though, some Mac users dislike DiskWarrior due to its cost, as it is an expensive software and cost you $100+. So, as an alternative, you can try Stellar Volume Repair software which is not as costly as the DiskWarrior and provides the same set of features as provided by DiskWarrior.

2.TechTool Pro 7: Although, some people think Micromat TechTool as another data recovery software. But, besides a data recovery tool, TechTool pro can do a complete Mac memory test and check any hardware failure along with other important things, i.e. TechTool Protection. 
TechTool Protection helps users to create an extra start-up volume on their Mac HD. This feature is helpful for diagnostic maintenance related task. 

3.Stellar Mac hard drives repair application: Stellar Volume optimizer or Mac hard drive repair is another software in this list. This software repairs any corrupted Apple Mac OS X HD and finally rebuilds all the drive directory structure to resolve data inaccessibility issue. Stellar Volume Repair software fixs both the external drive as well as the solid state drives without any additional cost. Below we have listed a complete range of Mac volume errors that can be easily solved by using the help of this software

  • Invalid table format error
  • Invalid node structure error
  • Invalid key length error
  • Invalid directory item counts error
  • Invalid extent entry error
  • Invalid extent entry error
  • Invalid record count error
  • Invalid index key error
  • Invalid B-tree node size error
  • And many other…

4.Data Rescue 3: Data Rescue 3 software provided by Prosoft Technologies is another Mac drive repair and recovery tool which can be used to fix the corrupted Mac boot volume and save the valuable user data from any other problem.
Note: But, before using this software you need to make sure that data on your hard drive is not overwritten. 

5.OnyX: Onyx is a multifunction app primarily used for Mac OS X that can be used to repair and verify a failed start-up disk. It also regularly maintenance and other disk cleaning tasks like configuring various relevant parameters like Dock, Finder and some other Apple related apps to delete cache files. Though, the only thing you need to make sure that you use only the compatible version of Onyx with your Mac, otherwise this app will not work correctly.

Final Note from Author: The above discussed are the most popular and used Mac repair and maintenance application which also supports macOS Sierra version. If you know any other similar utility which deserved a place in the above list, then feel free to share it with us through the comment section.