Friday, 28 October 2016

Best iDefrag Alternatives for Mac OS X

Often, Mac hard drives used to be a primary bottleneck and the fragmentation of data stored in them further slowdown them. However, adoption of new file systems like HFS, HFS+, and higher data storage capacity of the hard drive has significantly reduced the fragmentation issue up to a certain limit. But, still, defragmentation of Mac drive cannot be ignored completely. 
Also, if you are using a traditional non-flash drive that has to access its data storage capacity or is heavily fragmented, more chances are defragmentation of the hard disk will significantly speed up your Mac OS X.  And, when it comes to defragging a Mac based hard drive, iDefrag get the 1st place. But, it is not the only solution for defragging a Mac hard drive. There are certain other software’s that are best alternatives to iDefrag software. And, here in this article, we will share with you a list of best iDefrag alternatives for Mac OS X using which you can easily defrag your Mac hard drive and also improve its overall performance.

iDefrag Alternatives Software

1.Stellar Defrag Drive: It is one of the best iDefrag alternatives software. This software provides multiple Mac defragging options like Metadata defragmentation, Full defragmentation, Quick Defragmentation to defrag a Mac hard drive safely. You can also choose whether you want to defrag entire drive or some particular file from your hard disk.Another benefit of using this software is its compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS. Some of the exciting features provided by Stellar Defrag Drive Application are given below:

  • Free Drive Space Optimisation: This app defrags the Mac hard-drive by collecting all the scatter space  in a single place. 
  • Fragments shown in blocks: This app gives a block layout view of the Mac drive and gives completely different colours to ‘fragmented files’, ‘free space’.
  • Option of email notification: Once the defragmentation of Mac drive is completed, this software will send automatically email about your hard drive health
  • Support with Major Mac version: It is compatible with all the Mac version including the latest, Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Bootable DVD Option: Using the help of Bootable DVD features, Mac users can easily boot their unbootable system within few minutes. 

2.DriveGenius: DriveGenius is another software in this list, which is a good alternative to iDefrag utility. You can easily use this software to defrag your Mac hard drive which results in an improved Mac performance. It deletes all the unused space, duplicate files, repartitioning to ensure that your Mac hard drive will work appropriately and smoothly.Some of the exciting features offered by DriveGenius Software are:

  • RAID Support: DriveGenius provides support to Apple support RAID
  • DrivePulses: DrivePulses is helpful in monitoring the health of Mac hard drive on a regular basis
  • Improved defragmentation: Provides much-improved defragmentation to Mac files which results in better OS X system performance
  • Scanning: It provides a real-time scanning of all the bad blocks exists in the Mac drive

Note from Author:

The software listed above are some of the well-known names which are perfect iDefrag alternative. However, they are not the final software which a Mac users need to use for defragging their hard drive. If you any other software that resemble the same functionality mentioned in the above software, then feel free to share with us through the comment section.