Thursday, 17 April 2014

Let’s Sync Nokia Lumia Phone with Mac OS X

Some corporate fights make the innocent customer to suffer. Users like you and me just compromise with the technological constraints which 2 platform share with one another. Among known constraint is an OS X Mac refusing to sync with Nokia Lumia Windows phone or vice-versa. Whenever, I plug in the Nokia 520 smartphone to the USB, the OS X Mountain Lion takes forever time to show it as a drive. Ultimately, Lumia 510 or other series refuse to get detected by the OS X. The iPhoto application too takes time for granted to load the image files lying on the Lumia smartphone. Ultimately the iPhoto app fails to display any images from the Lumia device.
So, is it that Lumia being a Windows phone has compatibility issues with the OS X Mac? We all are aware of Windows, Apple & Nokia bitter relationship, but why let user suffer for that? Like iPhone, which get recognized only via iTunes, the Lumia may require some special app to get recognized.
How to make Lumia sync with OS X Mac?
Thankfully, there are certain ways to get our beloved Lumia phone to sync with OS X Mac. Among such method is the use of a wonderful phone data transfer application which is - Windows Phone App for Mac.
Being a free app from Apple Store, it’s perfect time for all of us to rejoice.

Click Free<<Install button to initiate the process on Mac OS X. App store will ask for your Apple ID. Insert one or create an ID then submit to proceed. Once the billing information is verified, the App will install in Application folder, ready for use. Don’t worry, this Windows Phone app is free and billing information is only a formality. The same billing info will be used next time if user wishes to buy an app.
First Look of Windows Phone app: Seems like all my problems are coming to an end J
·       Do connect Nokia Lumia Phone with Mac OS X and launch this app. When connections are recognized, the app begins scanning for the device which may take few seconds to a minute depending on the size of the data on Lumia phone.

Lumia now recognized on Mac :–

This OS X app to sync Nokia Lumia displays phone information in it’s own Apple oriented layout. It represents space occupied by data & Sync button to start transfer of files & folders.
Conclusions:- Since the Windows Phone app is free, it may already be a huge hit among Mac users running a Lumia smart phone.
Alternative Option to Sync Lumia on Mac OS X
If you somehow don’t want to use an application to sync Lumia then there is a 3 way method to get Lumia data synced on OS X Mac.
·       First thing first, get Onedrive (earlier Skydrive) for Mac OS X on your Apple computer.
·       Now login for Onedrive account on OS X Mac (same a/c which you login from-to Lumia phone)
·       Once logged-in, the Onedrive folder will start syncing data from the Lumia smartphone. Just to let you know, Lumia by default transfers all data like recorded videos, captured images to Onedrive cloud folder.
Onedrive cloud account will prove to be of immense help if images, videos gets deleted from the Lumia phone. Later, they can be restored back from a Onedrive folder or cloud account. However, all data (like stored music & downloaded videos) is not be synced to Onedrive account so if you loose them you loose them for ever.
Unlike Android data recovery on Mac, the Lumia still is not detected as a removable drive by the OS X, so it would be extremely difficult to recover deleted images & videos with a recovery software.