Monday, 27 February 2017

Format and Partition SD Card on Mac with Partition Manager Software

Summary: This article will share a complete blog post explaining how to format an SD card on macOS and partition the formatted SD card. For partitioning the SD Card on macOS, you can use Stellar Mac Partition Manager Software.

Note: Before, you start formatting an SD Card, let give you some basic idea about what actually an SD Card is and why it is so much popular.
An SD Card or simply memory card is a small data storage device that is used for storing photos, videos, audio, PDF file and many other forms of data. When compare with CD, DVD, etc. SD cards are much more portable and compact device, which provide more data storage capacity. Along with this, SD card has many other added advantages in innovative technology like mobile, wireless devices, etc.

Formatting an SD Card: There can be any number of reasons to format an SD card. One of the most popular reason is to create a Start-up disk. The bootable disk contains working macOS, which can be used at a later stage when Mac becomes inaccessible, or data gets lost or deleted. Mac can perform read and write operations to secure digital cards formatted for any type of devices. Also, formatting a Mac helps in erasing the previously stored data or for changing the SD card compatibility.

Below is the step-by-step process of formatting a Secure Disk Card:
Step 1: Insert the SD card into the card reader slot of your macOS. Its name must appear on the desktop and Disk Utility.

Step 2: Here, just Copy your complete files and folder on the macOS hard drive. Formatting the SD card will erase all the data stored on it. With a backup copy of the SD card, you will be able to retrieve it back to SD card quickly.

Step 3: Launch “Disk Utility” from your Mac.

Imp.: For Opening Disk Utility, go to Applications >> Utilities or directly use the Shift-Command-U from the Mac Finder as shown below:

Step 4: Now, choose your SD Card from the list of mounted drive situation in the left side columns as shown in the below screenshots:

Step 5: Now, select the ‘Erase’ button from the list of available options on the Mac screen. Here, “Erase implies “Format”.

Once you click on the Format option and proceed further, all the data stored on the SD card will be remove completely as shown in the below screenshots:-

How to Partition Secure Digital (SD) Card: Due to the massive storage capacity of SD card, creating a separate partition become necessary to store more and more files on the SD card. For partitioning the SD card, you can use Stellar Partition Manager Software.

Reasons to Choose Stellar Partition Manager over other Freeware:
  •  Provide lossless partition management on SD card
  •  Partition any size SD card
  • Supported file systems are – HFS, FAT, EXFAT and NTFS
  • Creates a new partition from available free spaces
  • Resizes current partition from available free spaces

Conclusion: Formatting and creating a separate partition on SD card has many benefits along with data storing. Meanwhile, if you face any problems or have any query regarding SD Card formatting and partitioning, feel to share it with us.