Thursday, 27 September 2012

Striking features of iOS 6 unleashed in iPhone 5

iOS 6 is the world's most advanced operating system and it makes iPhone 5 a revolutionary and the fastest phone on the planet. iOS 6 is equipped with so many exciting and amazing features that will surely make you die for it.

Some of the best features of iOS 6:
  1. Maps:

Maps were also available in the previous version of iOS but in the previous version the maps in Apple products were built using Google maps. Now, in this version, Apple has used its technology and has installed Apple maps. The new Maps has turn-by-turn navigation system and 'flyover' feature in these maps allow you to have a 3D look of some of the world's important cities.
  1. Passbook:
Passbook is a brand-new feature in Apple products and it is like a digital wallet in which you can store boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, store card. etc. Passes can only be added to the passbook from emails, apps and websites from participating cineplexes, airlines, stores. Etc.
  1. Siri:

The new updated Siri in iOS 6 has the capacity to understand more languages. so that you can use it in more countries. You can ask siri to open any app like you just have to say 'Open Temple Run' or 'Launch Facebook' and siri will do it for you. Siri will provide you the answer to every question you ask.
  1. Facebook Integration:

 You can post on facebook without even opening any app. Just take a photo or video and directly post it on facebook. Facebook is integrated in iOS 6 and this makes it very convenience to post on facebook anytime. Even you can ask siri to post your updates on facebook.
  1. New advanced mailbox:
The newly advanced mailbox have a 'VIP' feature that will show emails from important contacts. The email list is also supported by iCloud so that you can access it from any of the iCloud devices. Adding photos or videos also becomes easy in this new OS.
  1. Declining phone call with a quick message:
In this OS, we have a new calling feature that will allow you to decline a phone call by instantly replying with a message or you can decline call and set a call reminder.
  1. Panoramic camera:
The built-in camera will allow you to take panoramic images. For taking panoramic images, you just need to sweep the device across the object.
  1. Facetime:
Facetime now works on cellular network as well as the wi-fi network. So you can make facetime calls just by using phone number. That enables you to use facetime anytime and anywhere.

There are many other features like find your phone or find friends, etc. So these all features makes iOS 6, the most advanced operating system of the planet.