Sunday, 17 June 2012

What makes you buy an iPad 3?

iPad 3 is the third generation of tablets i.e. iPad released by Apple Inc. in March,2012. iPad 3 is announced as the new iPad by Apple. iPad has one of the best features that a handheld device can ever have. The main feature that iPad3 has is the retina display. Other features that are included in iPad 3 is new Apple A5X Processor, 5 megapixel camera, 1080p video isight camera, and many others. It has iOS 5.1.1 operating system.

Retina Display:
Display of new iPad is four times better than the iPad 2. Retina display of new iPad provides an ultimate experience while using it. With richer colors than the previous versions it provides an impressive effect on users. Watching movies, photos, videos has becomes so much astonishing in iPad 3 because of retina display. This is the best display that a tablet can ever have. Display pixels in the new iPad is four times than the iPad 2 and its million times than any HDTV. So it will be a striking experience to use iPad 3.

Processor and OS:
iPad 3 has a lot powerful processor than iPad 2. The new iPad has A5X processor with dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics processor. A5X processor is the base for providing the retina display. Without A5X processor retina display could not be possible. Quad-core graphics processor makes display of the iPad 3 very responsive.
In iPad 3 we have iOS 5.1.1 processor. This is the world's most advanced mobile operating system embedded with lots of striking features.

Camera :
The new iPad has advance 5.0 megapixel iSight camera that enables you to take high qualiy photos with richer colors and 1080p HD video. The advanced camera is very much effective that whether you take pics in light or dark, the photos will always be of high quality and excellent looks. Camera has feature of focussing on upto 10 faces.
To make camera works outstanding, Apple has used five-element lens with an f/2.4 aperture. It has a 0.3 MP front camera too.

iCloud is the online storage facility provided by Apple Inc. So now you can store your data online and can access this data by using your iPod, iPad, Mac book anywhere and anytime. So Just save data once in iCloud and then access that data using your other Apple devices.

With this feature of new iPad you can write messages, send emails, browse on the internet by your voice only. Just turn on the dictation feature and then say whatever you want to write so this feature will convert all your spoken words into written.

Different version and their prices:

16 GB
32 GB
64 GB

Ipad 3 has much more advance features than its previous versions. Retina display and other features of ipad 3 makes it a lively experience. You can buy ipad from Apple stores or buy it online from Apple's official website.