Monday, 11 June 2012

Recovery of photos, videos & audio files using just one utility

Last week I had gone to kashmir with my friends for a 4-day trip. Kashmir is a beautiful place to visit and it has a natural scenic beauty. We all enjoyed tracking and snow driving there. It was a life-time experience for me. I clicked around 100 photographs from my Nikon Coolpix S9200.

I took snapshots of every single moment so that I can keep those special memories close to me.We all reached home tired but I was excited to upload all photographs to my Google+ and Facebook accounts. But when I tried to connect my camera with my Mac, I was surprised as it didn't showed up. A pop-up comes up saying my media is corrupted. I inserted my camera's memory card in the memory card reader and connected it with the Mac. Later, I came to know that my card is not recognized by the OS X.
I read some factors which leads to possible reasons for memory card errors:
  • Memory card got corrupted,
  • Memory card got damaged,
  • Memory card is not compatible with the card reader,
  • Dust on memory card,
I felt so much depressed after I was unable to access my memory card. But then I tried searching for software which can recover photos from my camera and I found many software available in market. I downloaded Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac to recover my photos. Then I searched whether this software supports my camera or not. And yes it supports around 14 cameras including mine.
First I downloaded the demo version of the recovery software from the site and installed it on Mac. I was pleased to find out that the corrupted memory card of the Nikon Coolpix S9200 was read by the photo recovery software. This was a huge relief for me.
And then I was like wow! This software showed all my photos that I have clicked. I was very much amazed after seeing all my photos. But this is only the demo version so this version didn't allow me to recover the photos. Demo version only shows the files that can be recovered from the corrupted or formatted media. To recover my photos I need to buy the full version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery software. I bought full version of photo recovery software for $39. I also got a user guide with this software. User guide shows all the steps to recover my photos. After installing the full version of software I again started the search and run the recovery of photos. So it was like a magic to me. I have succesfully recovered all the photos from my camera.

This software is not only for the recovery of photos but it can also recover Audio files as well as video files. It supports around 12 formats of audio files and around 14 formats of video files. So spending $39 on this software is a good value for money.