Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Why Boot Camp is slow on my Mac OS X?
Mac is the only hardware available in the world that let you run OS X and Windows on a same machine without any violation of EULA. Boot Camp is a great assistance to those geeks who wish to enjoy benefits of Mac & Win simultaneously on a single machine. Every single user wish to participate in Windows gaming, perhaps which is the best reason to install Windows OS on Mac. But boot camp assistance often ends up in misery when people reports complaint of poor boot camp performance in terms of speed. Even though the Mac is equipped with sufficient RAM and hard drive space still the boot camp crawls instead of high-flying. So, shall we conclude that even Macs are able to run Win but often with compromises? Here, I share an interesting post where 5 machines (two Macs and other including Dell, HP) were compared to test the performance of Windows. Obviously, Windows on Mac were tested through boot camp and all machines had equal hardware specifications. Surprisingly, the Macbook Pro outshines all the other system running Windows. So, you must kick out the thought that Windows are not meant for Macs. Here, are few reasons responsible for slow boot camps:-

  • Lack of sufficient RAM space or hard drive, vice-versa.

  • It has been reported that version of Windows on boot camp also makes a huge difference in its performance. Like Windows 7 is the best suited OS for boot camp than others like Vista, though Windows 8 is still to confirm with Mac OS X.

  • Lack of a prescribed video card for Windows OS, if your interest is in gaming. You can't expect to flawlessly run Modern Warfare on machine in absence of the suited video graphics card.

  • Missing appropriate boot-camp driver for Mac OS X. Update drivers to enjoy fast browsing etc.
So, Boot-Camp slows down the OS X is mere a myth: It just relocates the Windows OS to partition which remains separated from OS X. The only glitches it can produce is during boot since their exists more than one OSs.

Boot-Camp Alternatives: - Parallel is an alternative to boot camp but only when you left out gaming and use for small tasks like office etc. Else, if game is the priority then boot-camp is the answer as it offers alike PC experience for gaming.