Monday, 18 February 2013

Windows 7 taking Forever to Shutdown, Reasons and Solutions

Did Windows 7 taking long time then expected to shutdown? Or, just hang while saying "Windows is shutting down" whenever you wish to turn off the computer. Many were faced this and gets annoyed as sometimes, it can take up to 2 to 4 hours to completely turn off.

Definitely, bunch of installed programs in Windows 7 might cause this, as some programs comes with some sort of services which can't be stopped properly and lets your windows take forever to close. Moreover, few services starts automatically as soon as you start the system and continuously runs in the background making your system freeze or prevents you to perform desired operation.

If you've recently faced this and didn't come up with any working solution, this tutorial might helps you to find the right way of getting out of this error. Remember, stop directly pressing the power button to immediately turn the system off as it can make your system permanently inaccessible or sometimes damage the whole Windows.

Method 1:
  • Press 'Window button + R' to open text box and type "regedit" without quotes.
  • Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control" folder and locate the key at the very right Window entitled "WaitToKillServiceTimeout".

  • Change its default value from 20000 to 5000 I.e. 5 seconds. Now the windows is set to wait maximum of 5 seconds for shutting down the service otherwise, Windows will forcibly stop the service and safely turn off the computer.
    You can't reduce this value to lower than 5 seconds, so don't try to do that. 

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Method 2:

If you've Windows 7 running on LAN connections or any other type of networks, consider updating your network drivers and uninstall the old drivers. Network drivers is not responsible for long shutdown period in all cases but sometimes windows faces difficulties to send command to loose the network connections and as results, remains at the same shutdown screen for a long time.

Method 3:
Remove any externally connected device(s) like USB, flash drive, floppy drive etc. And then reboot the system. See if windows still throws the same error. Bad or failing hard drive could also cause this and so why, you're recommended to run hard drive or memory test, if this happens always whenever you choose to shut down your PC.

Method 4:

Try to run your system in safe mode or clean boot mode to come up with any faulty or outdated drivers. Once you find the driver, consider replacing it with an updated one or completely removing it from the system.

If you've sorted out this problem with another trick, don't forget to write it here in comment section.