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Hard Disk Failure Symptoms and Ways to Expand Hard Disk Life Span

In human body, memory keeps the record of each and every events and the time which we spend. Same way computer system use Hard disk for storing all important data as record. It can store important data such as file, folder, documents, software, photo, music, video etc. and system files such as bootable and .dll file or the whole OS which is necessary for start-up and running the operating system efficiently. It is only volatile storage device which stores data permanently and data in the hard disk can be modified or removed number of times which doesn’t cause any harm to hard disk.

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All electronic devices have their life span and cannot work for the whole life. Electronic devices become dead or completely inaccessible after few years. If it is used in robust manner then it will stop to work very soon. Hard disk drive has also life span. Some hard disk would continue to work and can be operated efficiently for almost 5 years or more and some hard drive will completely dead after using few months. User can extends the life of their hard disk by using it in a proper manner and by using effective tools and resources such as S.M.A.R.T. (Self monitoring, analysis and reporting technology)

Symptoms of Hard Disk Drive Failure
There are some sign of hard disk failure which signifies that the hard disk will not going to work anymore and requires replacement. The system will work normally as before but when it shows following symptom then it means the problem is arising in the hard disk and it might stop working anytime.
  1. Computer become “Hang” or “freezes” for some duration and no action can be performed.
  2. Bad sector or blocks on the hard disk will corrupt the booting file of the operating system which causes regular booting problem of computer.
  3. Computer work very slow while accessing, opening and saving files.
  4. A loud sound comes when disk drives performs any read or write operation.
  5. Blue Screen of Death(BSOD) error occurs too often.
All above symptom shows that disk drive will stop working very soon. So it is advisable to take full backup of your system data regularly to avoid any loss of important data.

Way to Increase Hard Disks Life
There are some suggestion which can increase life of hard disk.

De-fragmentation of Hard disk
Fragmented data on hard disk will consumes the more space than normal and put strain to the hard disk header while reading the data. The hard disk arm has to move forward and backward many numbers of times to retrieve the data. So, Defragmentation of the hard disk will sort the used and unused space and increase the space to store more data. As a result, users have more option to store data and hard disk life will increases as well.

Heating of Hard disk
Hard disks are designed to work within a temperature range of 10 – 50 Centigrade.
Data in the hard disks are stored in magnetic flux pattern. The forwarded direction store 1 and backward direction store 0.The upper part of platter's are coated with magnetic material and magnetic materials are susceptible to heat. They lose their magnetism in heat . Hard disk manufacture design it to dissipate latent heat but it is advised to work within room temperature.

Movement of running computer
The gaping between hard disk head and platter are just a few micrometers. When a running hard disk is moved from one place to another, then there is a probability that hard disk head may come in contact with platter and whole system would became crashed in seconds, after which the data contained in the hard drive will be lost and it cannot be recover at any how because the hard disk become inaccessible. In such critical situation, expert data recovery service is required to recover lost data from hard disk drive.

Hard disk becomes inaccessible when its component stops performing operation. Hard disk is having a definite life-span. Its life can be increased by handling it in appropriate manner .In some case, data may be lost due mishandling of hard disk drive. In such cases lost data from the hard drive can be recovered by using any standard data recovery software.

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Updated : 2 March 2012,02:09pm