Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to recover data from a crashed hard drive?

Hard drive crash can cause huge loss to you if you have saved important and confidential data in your Mac. Hard drive crash can occur either because of the physical damage to the hard drive or due to logical failure. Now for recovery of data from hard drive you can follow either of the methods.
  1. Recover data from the backup of the hard drive.
  2. You can also do recovery using the image of Mac, in case you have created priorly.
If both the above methods can't be used in your case then ??? Then also you don't need to panic because you still have left with an unbeatable option of data recovery using a third party software or taking help from a data recovery expert to extract and recover data from crashed hard drive.

But before taking further action you should confirm it first that it's a hard drive crash or a boot failure that is stopping you to access hard drive. So, for that you just need to follow some easy steps. First connect your crashed Mac to another working Mac using a firewire cable. Then power on the crashed Mac by holding the 'T' key. With this procedure if hard drive from crashed Mac is visible then their is a sure-shot problem in the operating system of the non-working Mac. So just re-install the operating system and get free from your problem.

But in the other case if your hard drive is still not showed up while connecting with the other Mac then your hard drive has a problem. But you can recover your data from a crashed hard drive, even if your hard drive have physical damage.

Now two main possibilities exist.

Firstly if hard drive have logical problem then you can easily recover data using data recovery softwares like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. This recovery tool can recover upto 100% of your data from the hard drive suffering a logical failure.

Second possibility is that your hard drive have physical damage and data recovery software may not be the cure for this solution. In this situation you should never try to access or use the hard drive further. Using the HDD can cause more damage and chances of recovering data becomes very less. You should never try to diagnose a damaged hard drive by yourself and must contact a data recovery expert who can recover data from physical damaged hard drive effectively.

To do effective and efficient recovery of data from physically or logically damaged you should go for Stellar Phoenix's tools and services.