Friday, 6 July 2012

How to recover data after emptying Trash of Mac?

Have you accidently emptied the trash of your Mac want to recover data from empty trash? Now you can successfully recover data from trash even after completely emptying it.

When you delete data from the trash then data is not erased from the hard drive permanently. Only the indexes and entries of the data gets removed from the hard drive. Due to this the data becomes inaccessible to the operating system. The memory will be freed and will be visible as available to user. But in actual, data is still present in the memory locations and can be recovered using data recovery software.

If you need to recover data from emptied trash then you should avoid writing any new data in the Mac. Because if the deleted data gets overlapped with the new data then their will be very less possibility of recovering that deleted data. You must stop saving new files in your Mac if you want to recover deleted data from emptied trash.

Their are two ways to recover data from emptied trash:
    1. By using backup: If you have a prior backup of your data then you can easily recover your data using the backup.
    1. By using third party recovery software: If you haven't created the back up then you can use a third party software to recover the data. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a very effective software that you can use easily for recovering process.
Steps to follow to recover data from emptied trash using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:
  1. First download the software from and install it.
  2. After the completion of installation process, run the software and click on 'Deleted file recovery' from the main interface of the software.
  3. A new window opens and here you can choose the volume from which you want to recover data.
  4. After selecting the volume click on the 'continue' button to start the scanning process.
  5. After the scanning gets completed then all the files and folders in the selected volume will be shown in a tree view.
  6. Now to recover files, select the files and click on 'recover' button.
So you can follow this procedure to recover data from the emptied trash without much difficulty.