Monday, 24 November 2014

Some OS X Yosemite problems and solutions

Since OS X Yosemite has been released, Mac users are rapidly excited to install the new OS X. But after installing they are noticing various issues with this new version. So let us see the common problems and solution of Yosemite. Also, please start the Time Machine back up before trying the solutions.

Wi-Fi issues

After switching to Yosemite, there might be some problem in reconnecting to Wi-Fi after sleep. It is hard to find a single solution to the problem. Lets try the below solution to rectify this issue:

First Remove bluetooth

1.Select File menu from Finder and choose new Finder window. Then click on new Mac'c icon.

2.Now open Mac HD -> Library -> Preferences and find this file “” and put it on the desktop.

3.Then drag that file into the trash and remove it from the preferences. Type your password to allow the changes to Finder.

Remove network configuration files

1.From Finder option, press command+Shift+G and type llin:/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

2.Find these files in a folder:

3.Backup the folder “SystemConfiguration” by copying it to your desktop.

4.Delete the folder from /Library/Preferences.

Reset router settings

1.Try factory resetting or turn your router on and off.

2.Access your router administration panel and try these things.

3.Change the Wi-Fi frequency to one another.

4.Changing Wi-Fi name, key, security and Wi-Fi mode.

Buetooth issue

Bluetooth issue is very common among Yosemite users. Try the below solution:

1.Disconnect all USB preferences -> shut the computer off for several minutes -> try restart the Mac and bluetooth.

2.Reset PRAM and SMC.

a) How to reset SMC with a user removable battery?

First shut down the Mac, disconnect Mac portable from the Magsafe connector and remove the battery. Then press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Just release the power button, reconnect battery and MagSafe connector and turn your Mac on.

b) How to reset SMC on portables with a non user removable battery?

In this case first shut down the computer and connect the Magsafe adapter to your Mac and power outlet. Now press and hold Shift+control option keys and the power button at the same time and then release all the keys. At last press the power button to turn on the computer.

c) How to reset the SMC for Mac pro, Intel based iMac, Intel based Mac mini?

Here shut down the computer first and disconnect the power cord. Then wait for fifteen seconds and again attach the power cords. At last wait five seconds and press the power button to turn off the computer.

VPN doesn't work

This problem is very common among those users who are using Yosemite Beta. Just the below method to fix this issue:

1.First launch Systems preferences app from the Launchpad option and choose network on system preferences window.

2.Then click on “+” button to add VPN interface. Do select its type, name and click on create option.

3.Now fill all the required information in it. First keep the configuration stay at Default state and input the correct address of VPN server. Then write the account number, set the Encryption to automatic and click on authentication settings. You could see the User authentication page where you have to input your VPN password and click on ok button to confirm it.

4.At last click on Apply button and there it connects.