Thursday, 27 November 2014

Android Lollipop 5.0 and its features

The latest version of Android mobile operating system is Android 5.0 Lollipop developed by Google. Android L is the biggest update to mobile OS which consist of 5000 new API's. The superb features of the Android Lollipop are:

Material design

The design structure is completely new and flat which is based on making every animation, shadow looks real, which most of the brands are not supporting. Google told us that there will be shadow gradients, 3D tiles that slide over one another and most crucial thing is that there is an access for the developers so that they can use this for themselves for their apps. The logic behind this idea is to remove the fragmented way Android looks and bring consistency to the app world. Moreover the inbuilt function also includes multitasking window buttons, the cleaner etc.

Android L battery

The battery life will be more efficient with the project Volta which is set out by Google to boost the battery life. Usually battery saver mode in integrated in the devices which help to increase the battery life by 90 minutes but this Android L could do wonders without the Battery saver mode also. When this Arts Technica test the OS, they saw a drastic change of 36% more battery than the users running android 4.4.

ART, new runtime for smoother experience

Google uses a new runtime called ART on Android. This helps to improve the performance of the apps, battery life etc. This new OS has extremely improves the performance by 4 times and support for 64-bit chip.


Android L consist of advanced APIs. It support the features like burst mode, fine setting tuning, capture full resolution frames around 30 fps, can shoot in raw formats, support for UHD 4K video playback, tunneled video for high quality video and many more features are there. It also support for professional features which are essential to handle the settings for the sensor, lens and flash.

Notification and lock screen

Here in this feature the notification panel is combined with the lock screen so you can notify the tasks easily when you pick your phone. Also you can easily read the messages directly from your lock screen or hide the notification as per need for the sensitive content. Another thing is priority mode which you can set through device volume button to allow the notifications to get through and you can also choose to avoid calls when you play game or doing some important activity according to your convenience.

Tap and Go

Tap and Go for NFC devices use to set up the new Android phone or tablet immediately by simply tapping it to your old one. So for this action, simply place your old and new phone one on another and let NFC pairing and bluetooth data transfer do all the work for you.

Faster and efficient

Google has made lot of efforts to ensure the fastest and efficient Android L. The apps are so useful and faster than the apps available on other Android phones.

Personal Unlocking

Now Google has added more ways, from where the users can login into their devices. First is face unlock which uses the front face camera of the phone to unlock the device. If the device can't recognizes the face then it will prompt for a password. Also the bluetooth devices such as headphones, speakers, smart watches and NFC tags can be surely used to unlock the device automatically. These login methods makes the device secure.

Therefore, above are the extraordinary features of the Android L which makes it completely different from other Android phones or tablet.