Sunday, 28 September 2014

How to recover deleted photos from Memory cards

SD card is an electronic storage device used to store digital information. They are commonly used in MP3 players, laptops, video games, cameras etc. They come in various sizes with the popular brands. Nowadays, people are using more and more memory cards as they are small in size and also available at cheaper rates in the market. But in-spite of it so many advantages, there are certain problems with these cards such as data loss, bad quality card etc. And deleted or formatted SD card disaster can put someone in miserable condition. In case of hard drive also, if the drive crashed.  Certainly a horrible condition arrives.

Types of Disasters that can happen are:

Formatted drive or card

If this happens, then not to worry at all because the software utility can recover the data very easily. So, by chance somebody formatted their camera pics, hard drive etc. can recapture the missing files very easily.

Deleted data

Data which is erased completely from trash or recycle bin can also be gained efficiently. The actual files are not erased from the drive.

Physical damage

In case of this serious cause, the recovery of data becomes cumbersome. If the damage is quite serious due to bad sectors etc. then the chances of recovering the data is moderate to low. But still the data can be recovered due to the availability of the powerful software in the market.

Precautions to be taken to prevent data loss

Certain points are there which should be taken care of, to prevent data loss in the future are:

1) Backup of the data to the separate drive is very important. If the primary drive fails then the consumer can easily copy the data from the secondary drive where the backup of that data is available.

2) Choose and invest in reliable drives or memory card as these days most of the people are facing many problems due to these duplicate cards. Buying cheap things from unknown manufacturers is not a good practice.

3) In case of camera usage, memory cards need to be formatted properly after taking the backup of the data. And do not format it somewhere, do it in camera itself as sometimes the files could not be written to the camera just because of this issue.

4) Most of the digital camera users use same card many times which usually corrupts the file system and makes all the data inaccessible. If still you intend to do, then always take the backup of your card.

How to recapture deleted/formatted/lost images??

Now, there are ample of software which can recapture the lost or deleted images. Choose the software which support all media files and can be initiated from logical drive, physical drive, attached media storage etc. Just select the best software and follow these steps to recover it.

1) Launch the Photo recovery software. Then click on recover photos button.

2) Next step is to select the appropriate volume or any other attached storage media. Click on scan button to start the scanning process.

3) You could able to see all your files in that software which you have formatted or lost.

4) Last step is to recover those files.

Also options like advanced scan or chose only audio files to recover are also there. So, the recovery software process is very simple to go in case of deleted images.