Thursday, 15 May 2014

Free Image converter for Mac OS X

Easy Image Converter:

This app can be easily downloaded from App Store for free. A look at its interface clearly suggests why it has its name as ‘Easy Image Converter’. Once the installed app is opened from the Launch Pad it takes the upper-right most position of the Mac desktop.

Take a look at the interface of the ‘EasyImage Converter’ app. The app uses drag & drop feature of the OS X Mac to load images ready for conversion.

Once I drop an image on the ‘Downward Arrow’ space, it shows me below options for conversion. 

This app can convert any image to 5 major image formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and GIF.  Once I select any of the one option, suppose ‘GIF’, it asks me for a location to save the converted file.

I choose ‘Desktop’ and click on the ‘Choose’ button. And yeah, I got the GIF version of the same image, which I selected, for conversion. All in all a good utility to start my day.


·      Easy Interface
·      Productive
·      Supports batch conversion of multiple files

·      Lack of more important image file formats

Pixillion for Mac

Unlike Easy Image Converter for Mac, Pixillion seems to have a heavy interface that supports more than just image conversion. It has also got more features to offer such as ‘Burn’ images to a DVD.

The interface contains major features, which can be accessed via buttons:

·      Click the large green + to add single or multiple files.
·      Add folders
·      Make selection for conversions
·      Remove an unwanted file from the conversion tray.
·      Burn images to media.
·      Choose an Output format & output folder
·      Lastly, the CONVERT button.

Below screenshot shows the selected 3 files are converted to PNG image format and saved on the same location as source.


·      Friendly UI
·      Availability of more features
·      Can add Effects

Cons: Oops..None

Stellar Image Converter for Mac

A first glance at the StellarImage converter for Mac confuses you, as a Mac's own built in application. But it is 3rd party software for image conversion. 

The developer of the app has tried to make it look like Mac's own application. Just like Finder, it displays connected hard drive & main folders on the left panel of the software interface. Like Mac, it has got couple of 'View' options. Quick View & Convert button can also be seen on top of the black screen. One thing I liked about this app is to upload the images, click on any hard drive icon<<folder and it will scan, upload all images on the menu. With the help of CMD+Click, make multiple selections for file conversion. 

Once selection is done, click on the Convert Button to start the process. Select image output and destination. Press OK

Conversion is done and a message appears. Click on 'Click here' to view images on the saved location.

Below is the list of 14 file formats that Stellar Image Convert converts an image to.

Output at destination:


·      Mac based UI
·      Bulk Image selection
·      14 outputs to convert for

·      Can free convert only up to 500KB of image size.