Thursday, 2 May 2013

Free tools to spice your Mac anytime

My point is to mention some of the best free utilities belonging to various categories that can any day make your life simpler. The tools to be mentioned don’t belong to a specific category but comprises of different themes like video creator app, image capture app, clean the Mac app and so on. So here goes the useful list of those apps absolutely free.  

Free Word Processor – A Mac by default has text edit to meet all your document processing needs. Either if you don't want to purchase Office for Mac the Textedit application will do all of your basic work that can be accomplished in Ms-Offices. Still you want to use a different app similar to the TextEdit then here are few options to proceed. Bean is similar to TextEdit and comes free to install on Intel Macs with OS X 10.5 or later. It's a very straight word processor designed for Mac OS X. Being free, the Bean has several cons like it doesn't support few of files of Ms-Word. Anyway, for simpler and less issues bean can be your choice to get done the documentation task. You can always try some more free processors like Bean – NeoOffice, OpenOffice & Focus Writer. 

Free Screen Capture tools – A Mac will grab the screen-shot of the windows by executing the command – CMD+Shift+3. Once done the image file is saved to the location (preferably desktop). Though, there are bunch of shareware that provides the unmatched facility to grab a screen-shot, we are focusing only on the freeware. One such free ware is DuckLink, is actually a cute named and looking utility just to capture the screens. Once installed like any other app on the Mac OS X, the DuckLink icon will place itself on the top panel. Once the mouse pointer is focused on the icon it instantly displays screen catching options through various figures like a rectangle. You may proceed with your desired figure & never miss a screen-shot. If you want to capture the screen and make a video out of it then try Camtesia. Though its paid utility and of-course for advanced users, still you can enjoy and create as many videos within its 30 days trial. So, don't wait and go on with Camtesia for unmatched output. 

Free Anti-virus Tools - Who said you won't need an AV tool on your Mac? These days, even hackers want to break the ice on Macs by intruding as much as possible. It's in the period of last one year that AV tools have become a topic for discussion on Macs. As the threats for Macs have increased in numbers so as the users who want to stay protected. If you’re on the latter side then install either ClamXav or Sophos. While ClamXav is not 100% an anti-virus tool, still it can manually be launched to check the authenticity of the file downloaded from the web. Sophos (Home Edition) on other hand is a complete anti-virus utility designed to provide protection to Macs from Trojans, malware and other threats. Get Sophos Now, its cheap and easy to use protection deal. 

Free Cleaner for Mac – This particular area comprises of numerous utilities that can throw out every possible garbage data from Mac partitions. Such utilities scan the entire hard drive or selected volumes of the Mac OS X and clean out junk data, caches data, unwanted language files and files. The sole purpose of these cleaning apps is to get rid of unnecessary data and grab as much free space as possible. As a Mac user you must try useful cleaning apps such as CCCleaner, App Cleaner, Onyx and Stellar Speed up Mac. These tools also possess free uninstaller to get rid of obstinate/vicious files that OS X is unable to trash. 

Free Cloud backup for Mac – Cheers Mac users as there are plenty of cloud sites ready to offer you free spaces & security as well. My favourite are the Dropbox, SugarSync and of course the Google Drive. You pay no money up to 2GB of spaces in Dropbox, 5GB of valuable spaces in SugarSync, again 5GB of spaces in Amazon Cloud Drive, MemoPal gives you straight 3GB free and Adrive that gives monstrously 50GB of free cloud spaces. Like me, you can sign-up to these free cloud addresses and start saving your data online.

The author of this post is using some of the apps mentioned above and sharing the information on the basis of his results.