Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Curious kid, more responsible for photo loss on Mac OS X
To be candid, kids are the most wonderful creation of god on this planet loved and cherished by all. There would be hardly any entity on the planet who doesn't share a cordial relationship with children.  Afraid to mention this but many time, especially younger kids attending play schools & elementary schools can pose a serious threat to the data stored on the Mac OS X hard drive. Must not forget that data loss in the form of images, videos, & audios frequently occurs either by human errors or by technical failures. Other than that, few exceptions like a sabotage of the Mac machine & it’s hard drive could also result in the data disaster. And, for all the above misadventures kids are the most suited to be blamed for.

Children, these days usually have access to their parent's laptops, desktops, USBs, & digital cameras. Not to ignore the fact that they learn technology quickly than adults, still there are unfortunate instances available where kids out of knowledge executes those commands which ends up inviting a mess. Accidental deletions of files even on digital cameras are quite frequently reported by their parents. Sometimes, the damage done is huge when an important document or a bank statement is man-handled. However, children are often not to be blamed for the drastic results but yes parents knew what amount of harm they have received in no time.  

As we know, there exist no cure to this problem we can only prevent it to a much extent. Putting the computer away from the child also seems to be illogical and harsh. So, what options do we have them? Trust this; there are few techniques where you can protect your data from peculiar kids. 

For Mac OS X users only: -
  • Create a separate user account for your child on Mac OS X & even protect your account with a strong password. That will not only make the OS X safe from the kid but also from unauthorized person.

  • Even though you can't create a separate account or share your account password with your child, try to manage your valuable files away from their reach. You can do so by saving your files on a dedicated partition & move all your child related applications to a different partition. In the midst, of all this, keep the boot volume away from your activities as some good amount of space will always be required to boot the Mac faster. Install all the games into volume dedicated for your child.

  • If you want to assure the safety of your official files, then always create multiple copies stored on different location. For data less then 2GB, use Dropbox cloud service or Google Drive which are now a great source of free backup.

  • These days, we now have external hard drives that can be locked with the help of a key in the form of credit card & works exactly like swapping a transaction. Although, you may have an external hard drive without this feature but in future the demand of such device may go high due to its safety features that prevents data theft to huge extent.

  • With the assistance of the Disk Utility<<New Image option, you can create a password protected disk image & transfer the data to the image. Later, mount the disk image to access your files & folders with the help of the chosen password. This feature makes the files ultra-safe from all kind of threats including little children & any other users. The only risk involved in the features is when you loose your password which would deprive you of accessing any files stored on the mounted disk image. Learn to set password protection for important files.
Be aware of other utilities such as file protection tools & of course a Mac photo recovery software that would play an import an role in regaining any of the accidental deleted files.