Sunday, 9 September 2012

Is your memory card not able to recognize by Mac?

Memory cards are one of the smallest storage devices that can store any format of data. Due to its small size and high storing capacity memory card is used in many of the digital devices like camera, multimedia phone, etc. We can transfer data from memory card to Mac using a card reader or using the in-built memory card slot in Mac. Sometimes, when we try to connect the memory card to Mac, it may show error in recognizing memory card. This doesn't mean that your memory card is corrupted and you cannot access it.

Encountering different errors on connecting memory card to a Mac:

  • No memory card found: It may happen that when you connect memory card then 'no memory card found' error occurs.
  • Card corrupted, Format the card: On connecting memory card, Mac can show you the pop-up window that memory card is corrupted and you need to format it.
  • Card not recognized: When memory card gets corrrupted then 'card not recognized' error may arise.

  • Card cannot be accessed: This is also one of the most common error that can occur whenever a corrupted card is connected to the Mac.
These errors are shown on account of a physical or logical failure on the memory card. As you might have stored important data on the card and inaccessibility to it can make you panic.

Possible reasons for occurance of these errors:

There can be many reasons responsible for such errors causing the memory card to get unrecognised or corrupted.
  • Removing memory card without using eject option.
  • Mac getting shutdown in-between the transfer process.
  • Removing card in-between the transfer process.
  • Removal of memory card from card reader when card reader is connected to Mac.
  • Inserting card into a card reader whose chip has been damaged.
  • Virus and malware can also corrupt memory card.
How to solve memory card problem?
  • Try to connect memory card using a different card reader device.
  • Connect memory card to a different Mac, this may sometime solve the problem.
  • Format memory card and recover lost data using a data recovery tool.
These above methods will allow to resolve the issue when memory card is not recognized by Mac.