Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Error 8003- unable to empty trash

As a Mac user you must have faced the issue of not able to empty trash completely and Mac OS X may hang up while trying to delete files from trash. You may face an error-8003 which tells that 'the operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occured'. Sometimes this issue can be solved by just restarting Mac but manytimes you need to do some troubleshooting to get rid of this error.

The reason behind the occurance of this error may be due to the files that may have been locked and not allowing the trash to get empty completely. You just need to follow some techniques and steps to resolve this issue. There are many ways to fix this error that are stated below.

    1) Empty the trash forcibly:
            1) First double click the trash and that will open up it in Finder  to view the content of trash.
            2) Then while holding 'option key' click on 'empty trash', that can be found in Finder menu bar.
             3) If even by this, trash does not get empty try the 'secure empty trash'.

        2) Empty the trash from the terminal:
    1. Go to applications and then utilities and click on the terminal icon
    2. Then type 'sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash' in the terminal window.
These are the basic steps to solve the Trash 8003 error which can work effectively sometimes but even if after applying these steps the same error is still occuring then the sure-shot method to resolve this error is by using a third party tool like Stellar Wipe Mac. This tool is very effective in wiping the data even locked files.

           3) Empty trash using Stellar Wipe Mac:
Stellar wipe Mac is a very effective tool in wiping the data permanently and that too beyond the scope of data recovery. This tool will completely empty the trash and will get rid of the error 8003. This software have many other features like completely wiping system traces, internet browsing, recent file histories, etc. This tool can also be used to permanently wipe data from hard drive easily.

So, one of the above steps will surely going to solve your issue and will empty the trash completely.