Monday, 30 July 2012

Google Glasses – A New Technology Revolution

Google Glasses is basically a head mounted device used to provide the augmented reality to the user.. Google glasses will be released publically in 2014. Developers will be getting hold of the 'explorer edition' of the google glasses by 2013.

These glasses has the features of smartphones. We can do anythng that a smartphone can do by these glasses. We can do internet surfing, browsing or even can send messages and answer calls and many other things by these glasses. Google Glasses has lots of features that makes it a promising future technology.

Amazing features of these Google glasses:
  • Google glasses is a hardware that will put all the information in front of your eyes. According to google blogger, These glasses will use a transparent LCD and that LCD will put information in front of our eyeballs.
  • It has a in-built camera and GPS , so these glasses are a totally location aware device.
  • You can scroll and click on information by simply tilting your head.
  • These will have the facility of voice input and output.
  • These glasses will run on android OS and will be equipped with the motion sensors.
  • These can also be connected to Smartphones.
  • It also has a front facing camera.
  • While using Google Glasses you can see messages from your friends and others in front of your eyes, even without using your hands. You can also reply to them just by using voice command.
  • GPS in these glasses can be used to get the required path to destination.
  • These glasses will provide you the subtitute path in case of a subway, street or road block.
  • It can give the information about about today's weather, temperature, etc.
  • We can surf internet and book movie tickets and lots of stuff using google glasses.
These amazing glasses will make you feel like a super human. Google is also doing experiments for use of these supercool glasses if you are already using spectacles, so that you dont have to wear both the glasses.

Google Glasses is one of the future technology that we all are waiting to use and it will bring a huge revolution in the field of digital world.