Thursday, 2 August 2012

Protect your hard drive and avoid data loss

Hard drive is one of the most important part of a computer system. It is used to save, read and write the data that we want to store for future use. Hard drive has all the applications that we have installed and most importantly hard drive has the operating system. So error in hard drive can make a huge data loss to us.

There can be a many reasons for crash or error in a hard drive like a physical defect or a logical defect.

What happens when a hard drive gets a logical defect?:
Logical defect in a hard drive occurs when their is problem with the file system or with the boot master of the system. When the file system or master boot gets affected then we can say that hard drive has logical defects. When your Mac is not booting up or it starts loading and gets shutdown during loading then their is a problem either with the file system or the boot master of Mac.
Viruses can also affect the file systems. They can corrupt or damage the files of the file system.

Firmware corruption of the hard drive:
This error can occur if their exists any defects in the code which controls the hard drive. If the firmware becomes corrupted or defected, the hard drive becomes unreadable to the computer. Hard drive will spin but the system will not boot up if its firmware gets corrupted. And even if the system starts booting it will hang in between the process.

Electronic Failure of hard drive:
Electronic failure can occur if the controller board of the hard drive gets defected. Problem in the controller board of the hard drive makes it undetectable to the BIOS. Because of this failure, system will unable to boot.

Physical defects in hard drive:
Physical defects in the hard drive makes it inaccessible to access. We may get to know that hard drive is physically defected if hard drive makes a ticking or clicking noise. Physical defects can also cause a huge data loss to us.

If we got affected with any of the above mentioned defects then we should use the data recovery methods to recover data. There are many firms that are providing the data recovery services. To get the best data recovery services I recommend to check this link