Sunday, 24 June 2012

Enhance your Mac performance

System performance can decline because of data which is unused and unwanted in the Mac. These unwanted data could result in the decrease of system peformance. These unused data should be deleted regularly to optimize the system performance. The files that need to be deleted are temporary cache files,junk files, duplicate files, log files, Internet browsing history, Universal Binaries, unused widgets, Plugins,unwanted applications etc. So to make your Mac work faster you should delete all these files and folders.

If these files are kept in the system then these unused files occupies memory space and also lowers the Mac processing speed. Like whenever we browse internet then cookies, widgets and plugins related to the web page automatically gets stored in the temporary files. So these files gets downloaded in your Mac without your permission. So you should remove these files on a regular basis manually or by using a tool. Deleting these files manually will be a tough and very time consuming task to do. So for deleting these files you can get a software that will speedup your Mac after deleting these files automatically.

Stellar Speedup Mac deletes all the junk files, duplicate files, temporary files, cache files, universal binaries, used widgets, plugings, and all the data or files that needs to be cleaned up for upgrading Mac performance.

Apart from deletion of all the unused,unwanted and duplicate files this software has some special features also like clean my mac, schedular, automatic uninstaller. With clean my mac feature you can select a specific volume and run the clean up operation for unused files.

Schedular of this software will automatically run the software and will delete all the junk and waste files and with the automatic uninstaller feature you can uninstall application by just dragging it to trash. By dragging into trash the application will be automatically uninstalled and deleted.

This software is available at a reasonable price of $29 on

You can also check the effectiveness of the software by first downloading the demo version which is available for free. The demo version will allow you to view all the files which are recoverable using the software. You can only view files using demo version but you can't recover. For recovery of software you need to buy the full version of software