Thursday, 18 December 2014

What to do when your Mac freezes and runs slow??

Does your Mac freezes? What to do? Sometimes while working on Mac, suddenly a delinquent application suck up all the resources and ultimately the Mac freezes. These applications makes the Mac slow. Also Frozen Mac can be easily recognized by the spinning ball which appears in the middle of the screen or when the cursor cannot move. This is the most dreaded condition for the Mac users which is very irritating. Let us see the short-term solutions and cases of frozen Mac:

Reasons of Mac freezes and becomes slow

  • Too many applications are running at the same time
  • You Mac memory is low
  • Too many hidden and duplicate files
  • Too many applications trying to access the hard disk at the same time
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive
  • Old software and cache content
  • Cookies and plugins
  • Corrupt files and extensions

Short term solutions of frozen Mac

Mostly, the solution of slow Mac is force quit and re-launch. We have to force quit the Mac when OS X completely becomes unresponsive and got stuck at one place. With this force shutdown, you can also may lose some unsaved data. So, this is a serious case to handle with the right remedy. Also, let us see the different categories of Mac to operate with this problem.

1) Force reboot using the power button on the keyboard

Mostly all laptops has a power button on the keyboard especially all the category of MacBooks like Macbook Air, retina Macbook pro etc. So, first hold the power button on the keyboard till the Mac shut down properly. This process may take a bit of seconds. Then after a few seconds, again hit the power button to boot the Mac.

2) Force reboot using the power button present at the back of the Mac

Usually this remedy is for iMac, Mac Mini etc. Gradually Mac desktops do not have the power button on the keyboard. Instead, their power button is the physical button located on the back of the Mac. To reboot this type of Mac categories, first press and hold the power button present at the back of the Mac. Hold that button until the Mac shut down properly. Now wait for a few seconds and press that button again for the system start initialization process.

3) Force quit the applications from Mac

Sometimes applications or programs stuck at one place and won't let us to do our task smoothly. So, If any such application stuck in the middle, force quit that particular application only which is causing a lot of problem. For this process, first from the Mac OS X dock feature, right-click on any open application. Just then holding down the option key will bring the options in Menu. Click on Force quit option.

4) Safe Booting

Safe boot will bring the Mac in its good health as it checks the bad hard drive status, loads kernel extensions etc. To run the process for safe boot, press the power button till your Mac starts. Then, press and hold the Shift key until you hear the start-up chime and release the key until the Apple logo appears. Safe boot may take the longer time to boot. After this, if your issue will get resolved, start your Mac normally.

These quick techniques will definitely bring you out of this major problem of Frozen Mac.