Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bad hard drive causes and its solution

Hard drive is the storage house of the computer. It forms the basis of computing. A bad hard drive can cause different variety of issues on your computer. Let us sum up the notorious and most common causes of the bad hard drive.

1) Abnormal or strange noises

These strange noises from the drive are a sign of a failing hard drive. If the sound is thrashing or you had experience a head crash then that hard drive is beyond repair. This type of failure of the hard drive is called catastrophic failure. This condition indicates that the drive heads are slamming against the extremes of the hard drive.

2) Fail to read or write to the drive

This problem exists with respect to the entire hard drive. The common possibilities of this type of the problem are Index corruption of the file system or there is no space on the hard drive or by a faulty cable or connection in the system or sudden power outage etc. All these issues constitute a problem of the read/write failure.

3) Drive is not recognized by the system

If the computer does not recognize the drive, then that drive may suffer from the controller card failure, which ultimately makes the drive invisible to the system. And if the drive is mounted, the information in the drive is not interpreted by the system. This indicates that either the index files are corrupt or the drive has been damaged completely.

4) Boot drive will no longer boot

If the visibility of the drive is there but it wont boot then this is a problem of file system corruption of the drive. Also it can be caused by the bad sectors in the hard drive. Improper shutdown may be the vital cause of this serious problem.

5) Computer crashes

If your computer is causing blue screen problems or it suddenly reboot, then definitely the drive is troublesome and about to fail. If your computer is crashing while accessing some file, then surely your drive is corrupt and need to be sorted out.

6) Slow access time

Suppose your system is taking too long to open a file or folder. And you are analyzing this problem for so long, then your hard drive will surely fail in a month or two.

7) Hard drive shuts itself off with no reason

Now this issue is caused because of the operating system. Actually no operating system is perfect. All operating system have bugs. If the drive shuts for no apparent reason then either the problem is controller card or the board supply.

Solution to the problem

All these problems carry a serious threat to the hard drive. Now due to these issues, either the hard drive will fail or become corrupt. So lets see the solution of the above problems:

1) First of all always have the backup of your drive. You can use good drive clone software for back up which will also provide you the bootable clone copy. Also one can image the hard drive that you suspect is having bad sectors.

2) Regularly check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive. This will help you to keep the drive healthy. Make us of disk management tools that are bundled with operating system.

3) Try safe boot. Also, you need to boot from the recovery HD partition. If you can't be able to boot, then your drive is too damaged to allow booting from the partition itself.

4) And at last if you can't get out of this miserable condition of the bad hard drive, then use some good disk repair software that will definitely keep your hard drive in a healthy condition and will repair all kind of issues.