Monday, 15 September 2014

Apple's iWatch Benefit

Apple's iWatch is the first smart watch that will soon hit the market in the coming year i.e. 2015. Moreover, it will splash the consumers with the innovative and wrist worn apps, which will further resolve most of the tasks. This iWatch will soon be there in the market in multiple sizes.

iWatch Apps

Apple's iWatch is the first wearable product with the powerful technology in it.This new Watchkit consist lot of functions to perform the tasks. Lot of applications are there in it to make most of the task easier. iWatch apps can track the fitness level with heart rate measurements, send and receive messages, calls and audio recordings etc. Also it is regarded to do the payments as well via Apple pay. Not only this, but it can also play music like an iPod does.

Working of an iWatch

The Apple's iWatch consist of a scroll wheel digital crown that is a multifunctional input device. It let us to
scroll, zoom and select without obstructing the screen. Also its touch display entitles us to touch and swipe, in order to communicate or speak to its microphone. This astonishing watch runs on a brand new S1 processor that can connect easily with the WiFi and GPS settings. Also its taptic processor helps to give the vibrational feedbacks for messages, notifications, alarms and other messages. Moreover, Apple Watch has NFC (near-field communication), which enable the users for 'Apple Pay' payments.

Benefits of using an Apple Watch

1) Support Payments:

Apple Watch is the first wearable product that will supports mobile payments. It makes the task of online payments easier.

2) Monitor health status of the consumer:

This Apple iWatch has more than 10 sensors to monitor wearer's health status. This app monitors and track heart-rate measurements. The four-lens sapphire beneath the iWatch gives more accurate results than the other smart watches.

3) Support latest iPhones

This Apple iWatch support latest iPhone 5, 5C, 6 or 6 plus. With this facility, it can work on large number of apps.

4) Quick information for the Busy people:

Nowadays, in this busy life, who have the time to take the phone out of the pocket to look for messages and notifications on it. But with this Apple iWatch, it will become easier for a person to have a glance on the watch for reminders and notifications.

5) Inductive wireless charging:

Apple is also looking for wireless inductive charging for the iWatch. It has been said that Apple is yet to include inductive charging and solar panels like technologies to increase battery life with the intent to ease the charging process.

Therefore, iWatch will soon be in the market with its incredible features that will make our life easier.