Monday, 28 July 2014

Tips to speedup slow iPhone

Good reasons as to why iPhone 4S or 4 is running slow?

iPhone is a hand-held device, a little computer that fits in your pocket. Just like a computer can slow down due to some reasons, similarly iPhone too can slow down. A slow iPhone is such a pain that it can make any user fume into frustration. Below are some valid reasons or slow iPhone:

  • Too many apps can easily slow down an iPhone. Some apps are buggy and don’t function as they should function.
  • Some apps may consume more than enough amount of iPhone RAM causing the device to crawl.
  • Messages with large attachments are another reason that eats memory of an iPhone. 
  • iPhone stores captured photos on two locations i.e. Camera Roll & iPhoto. This can take good amount of memory. 
  • A latest upgrade on iPhone particularly iOS 7 on iPhone 4 may slow down the device.
  • Too many apps running in the background causes slow iPhone.
  • An older iPhone is more prone to slowness may be due to over usage. 

How to speedup slow iPhone or an older iPhone?

  1. Deleted unwanted messages: You may have tons of unwanted message, most of them ads, so it is good to select them all and trash them.
  2. Clear Safari Data: Enter Settings<<Safari to Clear History & Clear Cookies and Data.
  3. Close running Apps: Closing running apps in the background help device gather its resources. Double Tap the Home Button to bring forth idle apps. Select them and close one-by-one.
  4. Delete Mail Attachments: Delete unnecessary mail attachments since they kill useful spaces on iPhone.
  5. Delete Photos: As mentioned earlier, your photos are saved in iPhoto & Camera Roll. This can occupy huge drive spaces. It is good to delete them off Camera Roll. 
  6. Hard Restart: Allow your iPhone to have a hard restart. Do it by holding down the top lock key and home screen button until the device shuts down.
  7. iPhone Reset: If all tips fails to speedup an iPhone, then you may choose to reset your device. In many cases, Reset alone solves the slow issues on an iPhone device. 
Caution: The above tips are helpful to speedup a slow or old iPhone. Though, writer would recommend user to double check an app, attachment or photos, which are to be deleted. You may end up loosing some important data (iMessages, notes, bookmarks etc.) while trying to delete junk files.

In case you end up losing some needed files from an iPhone, above apps can help save the day for you.