Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Secure Wipe Mac hard drive using easy tips

Introduction of wiping data:

Wiping data from the hard disk refers to the context of overwriting the data with zeros or random characters thus rendering it illegible to read. According to the dictionary knowledge wiping is the synonym of deleting but actually deleting the data means removing the data from the file listing and not from the computer. So wiping is a technique, which uses certain algorithms to permanently erase, the hard drive data from the computer, which cannot be recovered later.

Why wipe data from Mac hard drive:

Before handing the used hard drive to another person or giving away your Mac, it is very important to delete the confidential and personal files so that nobody is able to retrieve the data afterwards. Formatting the disk will not accomplish the task of deleting the actual data from the Mac computer or hard drive. Same with using ‘emptying trash’ command, which only removes the data from the OS X but doesn’t wipe it from its original location. Data shredding is needed for the security transaction of the hard drive to any other stranger.

Benefits of wiping data from Mac disk:

=> Permanently erase the Hard drive data.
=> Completely erase all system entries, log files and all sensitive information created by the OS.
=> Wiping will lead to ensure free spaces.
=> Data is securely wiped and finally didn't leave any traces.

Wipe Using OS X Secure Wipe Mac:

Eradicating credit card information, chats, Banking passwords, financial information, personal files is not enough with the action of removing the data from trash simply. Making the confidential information inaccessible in Mac computers require the certain steps to follow:

'Secure Empty Trash' feature: First of all there should be one file or folder in the trash to make the option of 'Secure Empty Trash' available. Then just press-hold the Command button on trash icon present on the dock to ensure the visibility of the option. Right click on the required option will overwrite the data ultimately resulting in unreadable files or folders. Also another way to access this option is from the Finder menu. This is a knowledgeable practice to securely erase the files & folders residing in trash.

To secure wipe Mac partition:

=> Launch Disk Utility and then select the hard drive that you want to erase.
=> Clicking on the erase tab will ask to choose one of the security options button. => The four security options are:
  1. Nothing
  2. Zero out data
  3. 3-Pass Erase
  4. 7-Pass Erase.

First option is not to erase any data. Zero out data will overwrite the data once. Since the more overwrite is there, the maximum data security is maintained. So 3-Pass will take three times longer to overwrite the data whereas 7-Pass erase will take seven times longer to do this task effectively. The criteria of choosing the desired level depend on the data.

Wipe Mac Startup Disk using wiping software:

Here comes the one of the efficient and tested software Stellar Wipe Mac which uses powerful algorithms to permanently erase the data. This software has the tendency to wipe the entire hard drive in a single go. With this outstanding utility, it not only wipes away the system entries, log files but erase unwanted system traces also which eat up drive space. It can wipe multiple drives simultaneously and can also schedule the process as well. Generally this software helps to delete browsing information, instant messaging information, hard drive data or any other confidential data permanently. This powerful software ensures guaranteed operations with the proven results. So steps to wipe Mac startup disk are:
  1. Create a bootable DVD with the software.
  2. Restart Mac and press OPTION key to load boot menu. Select Boot DVD.
  3. Select main HDD and choose a wiping algorithm to secure erase Mac startup disk.

Always choose the safer side and security in case of data because data is the valuable asset to perform a major operation. And with this, while selling away the Mac computer or hard drive or iPhone or tablets, ensure the data is wiped completely with the zero possibility of recovery chances.