Wednesday, 29 May 2013

9 worse habits involving humans and gadgets

Man invented technology, moulded it to various forms and produced infinite gadgets just to make life easier, comfortable, and prolific. While humans today are busy developing some more super gadgets, most of them hardly spent any time to improve their own personal habits. These bad habits or negligence causes uncountable amount of damage to life, money, and emotions. Today's topic will include few points that will focus the role of both technology (and gadget) combined with worse human habits (or negligence).
Worse Habit #1

Leaving a device in an open place – Crowded places like a coffee shop, perhaps a mall are hot favourite destinations where you may accidentally leave behind your tech valuables like smart-phones, laptops, tablets or even the car keys. Once neglected or forgotten these devices (items) can be stolen in fraction of seconds. The thief enjoys both the negligence of the owner and the environmental support to grab your object and flip/flops into the crowd. Most of the time such things happen so quickly that even the people near by you remains clueless. If your gadget is really an eye candy for you then it must be taken care like a toddler who requires mother's attention all the time. Always keep your laptops in front of your eyes rather than keeping them aside, even you can place them with some part of it touching with your body part so that you may sense any foul.
Worse Habit #2

Keeping your phone in the bag – Guys always place them in their trousers or jeans. Not all but few women do like to keep their mobile phones into their glossy purses. This again lures the notorious minds who wait for chocolaty moments like these. In a crowded metro or bus one can easily pretend to almost stick with you and then making his hands steal the show. Because the mobile is kept in the purse and not in the clothes, the ladies usually miss the sense of someone’s hand reaching out to their purses.

You can avoid this by keeping the phone always inside your pocket.
Worse Habit #3

Using Hand-free at dangerous locations – Though it is sad to share but many people including young boys and girls have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries to their bodies while crossing roads or railway tracks and operating the hands-free at loudest volume. Trust this, the jazzy music at loudest can make a human go lost completely not even hearing the voice of railway engine or speeding car. Who in the dreams would have thought of such devastating results just because of inappropriate use of hands free? Remember, hands-free are facility to make your interaction on phone simpler or perhaps to entertain for a while but don't use this device to get free from the life.

Educate kids to avoid hand-free on roads, railway tracks and near a construction site. The best time to use it when you are travelling inside a car/bus and of-course not while driving.
Worse Habit #4

Unhygienic usage of own devices – We mostly in a hurry forget to handle the equipment with clean hands. Ever expected to receive a clean gadget from the hands of a child? It's not their fault, kids will remain kids after all but adults can make the difference by always handling the electronics with hygienic conditions. It may be the hands or clean environment but gadgets are to be treated especially so that they don't get disturbed even by the tiniest of the dirt particle. Many a times the main cause of the trouble encountered in laptops/phones and computers are the accumulation of dust that comes either from us or from the surroundings.

At-least place the device into some kind of cover when not in use. Clean the cover timely to remove the hazardous particles from it. If the device has lost its shine then there are various solutions that can be applied to bring the glossiness back.
Worse Habit #5

Inappropriate sitting posture – There are number of incorrect sitting postures and only one correct posture which is shown in the second image. 

I feel no need to go in details of correct and incorrect sitting postures as the couple of images reflect all.

Worse Habit #6

Consuming heat from the devices – We have compromised here too by accepting all the radiated heat eliminated by computers (mostly laptops). Professionals don't think a twice using the laptop from their lap. Human body comes secondary even you should not place your mobile phone near the laptop ventilation side as it is hazardous for the other devices too. I remember keeping my laptop near by refrigerator and sensing more heated computer next day. Same goes with the human body which accepts these heats and later causes dryness and discolouration of the skin.
Worse Habit #7

Didn't realize the urge of backup till a disaster
– Any data loss disaster doesn't arrive at doorstep by ringing the bell. It strikes unexpectedly leaving behind no smiles for sure. Not only computers, but phones too these days are becoming victims of data loss due to accidental formatting, virus infection and hard drive failure. You may afford to install an anti-virus software to prevent a data loss but other factors like theft can still make you isolate with your data. Data backup sounds preachy but when you realizes its need and available resources you will joyfully initiate the backup operations. Resources like hard drive clone, Time Machine in Macs, cloud services and USBs are simple facilities to take care of data even in the most challenging times.
Worse Habit #8

Multiple users on single system – Recently, news of a kid who made online shopping worth £1,700 from his parents account to buy iPad games went viral on social media. However, Apple returned all the money to the family that was playfully transferred by the kid. Incidents like this would hardly happen if there exist a separate user accounts for immature or other users. The highly confidential data remains safe and user purposes are also solved without any side complaining.
Worse Habit #9

Not restarting the system often – PC and Mac both are designed to deliver fast performances but over a period of time they become sluggish. Though the reason of slow down could be numerous, you can make small efforts in improving the speed significantly by restarting the machine in a course of time. Often restart the system at your work place in the midst of the day so that it can free u[ RAM spaces and gives you a fresh start. 

This ends some of the worse habits involving technology and man. Please write us more about new worse habits or the ones which we missed out.