Monday, 25 March 2013

How to Recover Files After Hard Drive Reformatting

Hard drive usually stores all the user data and operating system that allows user to read, write, access or share information with other users or group. Sometime, when hard drive error blow in or malware spread among PC, users needs to format their partition or whole hard drive in order to make it fresh or bug free. However, formatting will erase all the hard drive data and make it like a brand new as you use it at the very first day. Though, deleted files from hard drive or similar storage devices weren't deleted permanently and likelihood, you might able to reconstruct the deleted data back to its previous condition with the help of hard drive recovery program.

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Formatting will only erases the address location or pointer of files situated in the hard drive and actual data will continue to exist in the hard drive till it's not written over with different files. So, its highly recommended to avoid using the problem drive till you successfully reclaimed deleted or formatted stuff.  Remember, formatting or reformatting will not change the status of deleted files or overwrites data, so beware if you think that reformatting will wipes off your data from the hard drive to let you safely dispose it off.

Note: Formatting done using command or in GUI mode, the source data will continue to exist in the storage media and file system will stores record of it into Master File Table (MFT).

Why hard drive needs to be formatted?
At many occasions, hard drive throws list of errors and ask users to format before they can use it. The same error would continue to arise till the formatting is done. It happens usually because of bad or failing hard drive components like platter, heads, PCB or firmware, virus/malware outbreak, power surges, human mistakes etc.

When hard drive faces any of the situations mentioned above, it'll start to throw errors or performs abruptly. The following symptoms will help you discover that hard drive suffers from serious errors and needs to be replaced.

1. Operating system not found
2. Hard Drive Goes Bad, Backup and Replace
3. Booting media failure
4. Disk Read Error
5. Non system disk or Non Booting Media

How Hard Drive Recovery Program Works?
Professional hard drive recovery utility will deeply scan hard drive up to the mark and find all traces of deleted documents from all over the hard disk platters. These disk recovery software is built using special technique and runs only in read-write mode to protects deleted stuff from being overwritten and recovers the original data as it's in previous state.

First of all, you'll need to use different PC or Laptop to scan and recover data from the problem storage media. You can unplug the problem device from the computer and connect it externally using IDE/SATA cable. Data recovered from the problem media should be saved on the targeted PC to prevent overwriting of deleted files.

Getting your data auspiciously recovered through using hard drive recovery programs?

Once you downloaded and installed hard drive recovery software on your PC, double click on it's icon from the desktop to start it.  Recovery program has simple Do-It-Yourself recovery wizard and makes your data recovery process lot more easier.

Recover programs should have hard drive recovery option or similar at the home screen where it'll automatically list the discovered storage media. Most probably, there you'll find your problem media listed along with drive name, size and status information.

Once you click to choose any specified media, recovery options will pop up like Quick Recovery, Advanced Recovery (FAT or NTFS) , Deleted File Recovery, RAW Recovery. All options have unique capability to search and find traces of deleted files within the specified storage media. You just need to select any one of them and start scanning the media. Depending on the drive size or level of corruption, scan process will takes time and soon flashes the scan results.

Navigate to your deleted or formatted media along with a red cross signs to it. Check mark the box and hit on Recover button to recover any or all your stuff at once.

That's it. Recovering precious files is never been easier but the moder techniques and growing advancement in data recovery industry lets user overcome from the troublesome situations without needing any professional help.