Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Reasons of creation of bad sectors in hard drive

Are you unable to access a part of the data or the entire file from your hard drive? If yes, then it may be because of the corrupted HDD sectors and we call these corrupted/damaged sectors as Bad sectors. Bad sectors are that portions of the hard drive that becomes unusable for storage purpose due to any permanent damage. The damage can be both logical as well as physical.

We cannot repair a bad sector but it can be marked as unusable by OS and then it will not use these marked sectors for data storing purposes. If you had previously stored data on volume whose sectors have gone corrupted or damaged, then possibility of accessing the data becomes very negligible. Although many data recovery software claims to regain data even from a hard drive having bad sectors.

Following reasons can be summarised for the creation of Bad sectors:

  • If Mac OS was not properly shut down then it can lead to creation of bad sectors on hard drive.
  • Virus and Malwares can also be responsible for creating bad sectors. Viruses and malwares can corrupts and damage the data and the sectors in HDD.
  • Physical damage in hard drive can also be the cause behind the bad sectors.
  • Bad sectors can also be created because of hardware problems like a bad quality processor fan, faulted data cables, etc.
Types of bad sectors:

Hard bad sector
Hard bad sectors can occur because of the physical damage on the hard drive. If read/write head comes in contact with the physical portion of the drive than it can lead to damage of the head and thus can results in creation of bad sectors. If the hard drive gets exposed to extreme environment conditions or it has faulty mechanical parts then bad sectors will be created.

Soft bad sector:
These type of bad sector creates whenever the error correction code on a sector mismatches with the content of the same sector. This can occur due to some logical error or error caused by viruses. This error has no relation with the physical error.

Recovery of data from bad sectors is very difficult but some third-party data recovery softwares can recover partially from bad sectors. No tool can recover 100% data from the bad sectors but recovery may be done to some extent only. I personally suggest to use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery for recovering data from drive having bad sectors. This tool will recover all data from good sectors and partially from the bad sectors too.