Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Where else you can find 12 essential utilities for Mac?

Everyone wants to have good Mac utilities installed in their system to make it work efficient & to make it free from disasters like hard drive failure and corruption. For these reasons you may need tools like speedup software, Defragmentar, Drive cloning utility, partition manager, etc. I am using a software that that has all these utilities and many others within itself. So basically this software is like a bundle of many system utilities that helps to improve my OS X performance and keep system free from the unwanted events like disk failure, corruption etc. This product i.e. Stellar's drive toolbox is a multi-tasking Mac software that can perform several essential functions. Other than speeding up Mac, cloning a Mac, drive defrag, wipe, surface scan, etc. it has many other functionalities:

Different Features of this software are:
  • Speedup Mac:
This features enables you to make your Mac operate faster by removing cache, language files, duplicate files, widgets, unused applications, etc. So by this feature Mac can be make work faster.
  • Cloning your drive:
With the help of this utility, a clone i.e. an exact replica of your hard drive can be made and you can use this clone image in case of data loss due to any media crash. Cloning your hard drive will help you to recover your data using the cloned image in situation of hard drive failure or crash.
  • Wiping data:
With this feature you can delete or format data, which is beyond the scope of data recovery. After wiping, no one can recover & access the data which makes you feel safe about data security.
  • Partititon Manager:
Partition manager will allow you to add, resize a partition on your drive, delete partition, create partition, hide partition. Complete Do-It-Yourself utility.
  • Defragmantation of Drive:
By doing drive defragmentation you can collect data stored at different locations and store this data in contigous locations. This will improve your system performance by removing the fragmented data.

So apart from the above mentioned features of this software you can also find many other features in this software like:
  • Drive initialize:
This feature will help you to initialize your raw Mac hard drive. With this you can choose the required patitioning scheme like GUID, Apple Partition Map, MBR for your Mac hard drive.
  • Volume Repair:
Volume repair feature will help you to repair corrupted or damaged volume. So you can also repair your hard drive using this software.
  • Surface scan:
Surface scan is a very important utility of this software. Surface scan will scan your hard drive block by block and will give you the information about the exact situation of your hard drive.
  • Raw data editor:
Raw data editor will allow you to repair minor corruption by making changes in the file structure of the hard drive.
  • Shield:
Shield utility of this software automatically keeps backup image of your Mac hard drive and that can help in recovering deleted files.
  • Drive stats:
Drive stats gives you information about your Mac like Drive name, Type of file system, Drive size, No.of volume, etc.
  • Drive performance:
This tool will allow you to examine your system performance like processing speed, etc.

With all these features you will also get one extra bonus utility Data Encryptor. With this utility you can save your data from unauthorized access by encypting data and hiding useful information. So in my opinion, inspite of buying a specific software you must go for this combined software tool which is available at reasonably $99. So my review is, Stellar's Drive Toolbox is equipped with so many features & all these utilities keeps Mac safe and efficient to work.