Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How to Recover Data from Severely Corrupted Mac OS X HD

Macs are considered as the computers of innovative excellence. In fact, the design, advanced and useful features have collectively worked in making a brigade of loyal fan following for Mac OS X. But, at the end of every piece of appreciation and praise it is just another computer that is designed and developed to perform certain tasks.

There are many things on which the smooth functioning of your Mac depends and one among them is the file-system. File system keeps the data and their storage information in an organized way.

While booting, the Mac OS fetches this information’s from the file system and is able to load the asked data. If the file system encounters any problem, all the data in corresponding Mac volumes becomes inaccessible and you need to take the help of any Mac recovery utility.

In the course of using your Mac, there are many situations of trouble, which never can be avoided. Most of the time, corruption of the file system is system driven and not knowingly caused by the users.

Though some external works of users lead to file system corruption in Mac, the instances are so accidental that users have hardly any role to play in them. Some of the key reasons behind file system corruption can be unexpected/improper system shut down, virus/malware infection, contradiction with newly installed hardware/software, operating system corruption etc.

Following corruption of the file system, you may come across various error messages, while trying to access the corresponding Mac volumes. One such error message that you may have encountered is written below:

“-123 wrgVolTypErr Not an HFS volume [wrong volume type error or (obsolete) operation not supported for MFS]”

The above error message indicates that the file system of your Mac has been damaged, which result in the inaccessibility of precious data in the volume. For such situations, Apple has provided one helpful inbuilt utility, 'Disk Utility'.
Disk Utility is able to repair the corrupt file system and recover inaccessible data from the troubled volumes.

In case, Disk Utility fails to resolve the problem, you can use another utility, 'fsck'. The 'fsck' utility is also a powerful application that verifies the integrity of the file system and repairs the same, if it finds any problem.

But, if there has been severe damage to the file system, both Disk Utility and 'fsck' fail to resolve the problems. Under such circumstances, you need to take the help of any advanced Mac data recovery utility to recover your lost or inaccessible data back.

This Mac software is developed with highly innovative algorithms, which can recover any data that has been lost/inaccessible due to deletion, formatting or corruption. Moreover, all such software’s are completely reliable and pretty easy to use, without even any technical assistance.

StellarPhoenix Mac Data Recovery is one such utility that can easily recover the data from a severely corrupted Mac hard drive using its in-built powerful algorithms. Do give a chance to this software if you need to extract data from a damaged media.