Monday, 17 August 2015

Stellar Speedup Mac Detailed Review

Reviewing free version of Stellar Speedup Mac utility for slow & sluggish Macs. In this review, I will cover up the detailed insights of this software and its available functionalities to clean up your Mac hard drive.

  1. Rocket Screen:

Earlier versions of Stellar Speedup Mac used to have 3 buttons namely - Speedup Mac, Clean up Mac and Uninstaller. Speed up Mac Version 3.0 has one single button having Rocket mounted on it that indicates to speed up slow Macs.

Little but helpful documentation is given on this screen so that user can get an exact idea of the purpose of this tool. Click on the Rocket button once through with the welcome window.

     2. Speedup Mac software Menu: 

On the second window user needs to choose an action. The action includes either of the following:
  • Refresh Drive (helpful when an external media is connected)
  • Login Item (Add/Removes apps from Login-Item tray)
  • Uninstaller (Removes apps & other installed items from Mac)

     3. Select a Drive for cleaning:

No hard work is required here since your Macintosh HDD (startup drive) is selected by default under Recommended Scan option. All other mounted volumes are blurred and you can't select them for cleaning under Recommended Scan.
  • To switch from Startup drive to any other Partition, simply make the bullet selection on Custom Scan that is just below Recommended Scan. This will enable all non- startup partitions and ready for cleaning. Though you will be able to select a single partition at a time.
4. Scan launches on Select hard drive:

Stellar Speedup Mac software launches an intensive scan to pull out junk files from every corner of the selected hard disk drives. Stellar Speedup Mac considers below files as junks:
  • Caches & Log files
  • System Junks, Trashes & Leftovers
  • Extensions
  • Universal Binaries
  • Language & Duplicate Files
  • Large Files
The Speedup Mac tool can take few minutes to scan your few hundreds gigabyte of the hard disk drive depending upon the presence of junk files. More number of junks or the large drive size will take scan time accordingly.

     5. Preview & Removal of Junk Files:

When scanning completes, the software lists summary of its scan in form of junks it can remove in free & registered versions. It will also let you know what kind of junks could be removed in free & paid versions.

Free vs Paid Junk Removal

Click Show Results to preview all the files that Speedup Mac software considered as junks. Preview helps user to give a human touch to this automated cleaning since few files are useful still listed under junk. So, carefully preview all the files before a free Mac drive cleanup.

Upon clicking on the third button in the above screenshot that says “Free 11.05 GB Space Now”, it will give you below pop-up. If you need to clean more junk files from Mac OS X then you can register the software through buy now page.

    6. Free clean up Mac

By clicking on the second button, which says “Free 5.32 GB Space”, user is entitled for free cleaning up of its Mac.

Result: Speedup Mac software just cleaning 5GB of junk files from Mac OS X startup drive.