Friday, 31 October 2014

Listing some common problems of Mac

A serious variety of problems can be seen with the Mac computers, which are quite universal to almost all OS X. Most of the problems can be easily trouble shoot by us. Instead of going every time to the Apple store, we can rectify the problem ourselves. Let us see the common problems and their solutions with them:

Blue or Grey screen on startup

Sometimes after turning on the system, we get a blue or grey screen, which gets stuck at the Apple logo. This error is very frustrating when we have to do our important work. And this error is caused by the number of reasons. Lets try to troubleshoot this error:

1) Disconnect all the peripherals

Major reason of this error is incompatible hardware connected to the machine. Just disconnect everything and start your computer again. If your Mac starts, then, there must be a problem with the peripherals. You have to do the trial and error method to find the problematic peripheral. If you found that problem, then you can try to fix that problem with the software or the firmware update to the device. And if no device is causing any problem, then try doing the next step.

2) Perform Safe boot

Safe boot will check the hard disk in the process and boot up with the least amount of drivers needed to make it work. Just hold the shift key to start your computer till the Apple logo passes. If this solves your problem, then restart your computer again and see if it boot normally. If not, then the next option is Disk Utility.

3) Run Disk Utility

Now run Disk Utility and check the hard drive status. First, boot your computer while holding down Command + R. Then, select Disk Utility option. Now choose your hard drive and click "Verify". If the problems arises then click on Repair disk. And if everything thing is right, then click on "Repair permissions" and reboot the system.

If still the problem doesn't solve, then go for the good software which will optimize your hard drive as this problem is caused by bad hard drive.

Persistent Beach Ball

Beach Ball is the most specific problem that halts the task in the middle of it. Actually this problem is caused when any app takes the biggest CPU load. If this problem is caused in application, then it is easier to solve it but if this spinning ball consistently attacking your system, then it is really important to figure out the task. Lets figure out the cause:

1) Check activity Monitor

At first launch Activity Monitor by clicking on Applications and then on Utilities. Now check for daily usage activities. If the beach ball comes up then look for the applications which takes up the biggest CPU load. Now, solution is to add more RAM, which will help you to resolve multiple issues and update your software. Also, this problem arises when your hard disk is full, so ensure some free space in it.

2) Reclaim hard drive space

Full hard drive can also be the reason of the spinning ball problems. For this action, you need to clean up the two folders trash and downloads folder. Well, this can make sure enough space to at least save the file. If still you can’t be able to free some space in the hard drive, then go for some software for this as there may be some hidden files which certainly cause a lot of issues.

Therefore, the above article will troubleshoot most of your problems related to Mac.