Monday, 27 October 2014

Best free utilities for OS X Yosemite

I am 200% sure you must have upgraded to the latest and free OS X upgrade which is 10.10 Yosemite. To be honest, I love this OS X upgrade and much more than OS X mavericks. Mavericks never ran up to expectations on my Mac for unknown reasons. But forget 10.9 today, since 10.10 is the hottest debate of the week. Since we have upgraded to 10.10 I am sharing list of trusted, useful and free apps without which Mac computing is incomplete. 

Those lists of free & prolific software follow below. You can also visit to the software page for free download & installation.

Chrome or FireFox (or both): For many reasons I prefer to have another browser for web surfing. Keeping Mac’s own Safari aside I prefer to have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X. The reason is simple, both of them runs fast and can be customized as per need. Undoubtedly, Safari has undergone tremendous changes in recent years but I prefer to work mostly on Chrome. That is a personal choice though, but I recommend having Chrome or FF on OS X.

Onyx: Whosoever has ever run a Mac, no matter a PowerPC Mac or an Intel Mac, he/she must have heard of this amazing OS X utility. Downloaded & installed free of cost, Onyx is an OS X maintenance kit that can optimize Mac. Among the list of activities performed by ONYX are:
  • Cleans Mac drive for free spaces
  • Verify SMART status of Mac hard drives.

ClamXAV: Yes a free Mac virus scanner that will ensure your OS X remains safer around. Though there aren’t many Mac viruses around but some Trojans or malware can cause a real headache. If you are transferring files using a FAT formatted USB between a Mac and a PC then you can’t just sit around without worrying about malware. Out of hundreds of PC based malware some may get transmitted to secure Mac file system. So, be prepared for such situation with a free virus cleaner for OS X Mac.

Speedup Mac software: You might want to speed up slow Yosemite with one of the fine available speed up Mac software. This kind of software can look deep into OS X hard drive and bring out junk files from the places where user can’t afford to go. Duplicate files can also be removed with the help of a speed up Mac software. Stellar Speedup Mac software can remove
  • System junk files, 
  • log files, 
  • trashes, leftovers &
  • manage extensions from startup drive.

Dropbox: I admit, I love Dropbox a lot. In my opinion it is the best available online backup services. Dropbox has always helped me saving my small files in limited edition (upto 2GB) package. The sync of files between Mac & Dropbox is genius. Don’t let this 2GB of free backup service go waste. 

Skype: Skype for Mac will help you connect globally and that too for free.

VLC: You will 100% require VLC for Mac since Quick Time player will not run all kinds of audio-video files. So go grab it.

Visit to free upgrade to OS X Yosemite, if still running a previous OS X.