Friday, 14 February 2014

How to get rid of Google Chrome Keychain Access message?

Few things on OS X Mac becomes to annoyed users to extreme limits. One such thing is getting a ridiculous message through Keychain Access application, while someone is working on Google Chrome browser.

Below is the screenshot of the Chrome’s irritating message that is seeking request to access confidential information for FACEBOOK.COM. Now, this is something that a user may not understand in first encounter. To me, it meant like, it is asking to save some of my personal information (maybe user-id, password, email) for a particular site forever. And, in my absence any one can login through my account with the help of already saved information.

However, in my working experience on Google Chrome on Mac, I hardly came through the above message. But when I did came, it become a series of bad events as this message continued to show up again and again.

No matter, I clicked any of the 3 options (Always Allow, Deny, Allow) in the above alert message; it came back time after time.  This added more gunpowder to the already heated fire. To my agony, I tried ‘Clearing the History’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Caches’ and even tried out system restarts. But, to all efforts in vain, this message still showed up like a hardcore disease.

Fortunately, a problem no matter how serious in case, always have some solution or fixes. And, in the above case, a fix was available which I tried & resulted positive. Today, I would be sharing the same solution so that some other user, who is unable to understand this event, may reach to the solution.

How & Where from the problem came to existence?

Interestingly and may be hard to believe, the above problem raised because of OS X ‘s own browser which is “SAFARI”. The day I installed Chrome on Mac, I hardly used Safari for my professional work. Yes, I did few times launched Safari to fix up few things and that is when I clicked the below message.

While on Safari, I opened and unknowingly clicked the ‘YES’ option. And that is when, the Safari saved my personal information for the site to Keychain Access application.

I was unaware of the fact that, Safari saves the information (like passwords) to Keychain Access, while Google Chrome simple looks them as Web form Password. This also makes the Chrome to request for the saved information from Keychain Access. And which is why, the all problem begins to appear on Chrome in form of message repetitions.

As mentioned above, it hardly matters which option does the user clicks to close the access message. Beyond few clicks, the message might hide away, but a mere refresh of that webpage will make the access message reborn again. Repetition of this message is the reason why it is one of the most ugly appearing errors on OS X Mac. Thankfully, no such event occurs on Windows.

I also understood, since the information was saved in Keychain Access and not in Chrome, all the efforts like deleting history on Chrome and restarting the Mac is wasted. If I had known about it earlier, I shouldn’t have click on the ‘YES’ button when Safari asked to save the password for a particular website.

Since, the message came from the Keychain Access and something needs to be done there, I launched K.A. via Finder<Application<Utilities path. Double clicked the application to bring in front.

The above is the screenshot of the Keychain Access application. Use the search box to enter the name of the website which was asking for permissions. In my case, it was our beloved social site –

The moment, I entered just the first four letters of the, the above windows was presented to me. This clearly suggests that K.A. has been doing some activity in the background related to saving user’s information. And, that too was initiated on my own personal request (remember clicking Yes on Safari).

Curiosity, I made a right-click to the (Password not saved) option and was presented with below options.

  1. Copy Password to Clipboard
  2. Copy “ (Password not saved)”
  3. Delete “ (Password not saved)”
  4. Go There
  5. Get Info

From the above-mentioned options, I knew, that the 3rd option might bring success for me, so I proceeded with the Delete “ (Password not saved)”option. And, the below little window appeared.

Obviously, I was very sure about the option and proceeded with the “DELETE” button. And soon, the option from the Keychain Access windows was wiped off.

So, the day started with lots of unnecessary irritation caused by the Keychain Access window, asking to save my confidential information. In the midst of all these, I got to know, from where the problem aroused and how to tackle it. By the end of the day, it was a new learning and the irritating message was also put to sleep.  

If you are being annoyed continuously for the same reason for any website, then follow the steps and resolve it.