Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nokia LUMIA 1020: The Smartest Phones Ever

It’s not just about smart phone, Nokia new flagship product has something to offer more: an eye catching display on the front and prominent big camera on the back. Lumia 1020 has already achieved a grand appearance on the web, though not available in the market yet. It’ll come with stunning inbuilt 41 Megapixel Camera and digital zooming capacity. We somehow, got the look over this phone and just feels something special about it, which you can find after reading the post.

The first smart phone ever to have crystal clear image capturing capacity that delivers still images in a typical shot with up to 3X zoom. Nokia Lumia will available online for pre orders from July 16 in U.S. and all around the world. You can also find it in stores on or after July 26 and it costs you around $300.

Nokia Lumia Launch Event

Huge internal storage capacity (32 GB and larger sizes to be available soon), redefined technologized RAM and much more advancements has been packed in this slim and lightweight Lumia Phone. There is still much more than you think and wonders Windows phone users about how so much technology is reduced to its lowest.

Everything you need to know about Camera

Nokia brings the smartest advancements to camera inbuilt into this Smartphone till date. 41 Mega Pixel camera is fitted in much less space (around 2 inches) at the back of Lumia 1020 with two types of flash quality: Xenon & LED. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology is much awaited for Windows phones and this time Nokia has added it with great improvement that can helps you in capturing still images on the go. 

So if you’re a photographer and wants to carry only a smartphone instead of Camera, you’d have no regrets as you can still able to capture crystal clear images with optical zoom facility up to 3x, autofocus (can able to use manual focus too) and outstanding dual flash technology. You’re not restricted to capture only high quality images, instead you can record 1080p High definition video with average 30 FPS recording rate.

A 1.2 Mega Pixel camera at the front just above the display will be available in ready to capture mode with HD video calling and recording facility.

Lumia Camera 41 Mega Pixel Quality

Nokia offers optimized settings for camera like manual exposure and long exposure times that helps you to take shots even in the night with little flash or at moving location. Inbuilt Camera app has tutorials to teach you better about taking the best photos around.  

Display Size
However, Lumia carries the display size of 4.5 Inch or 768 x 1280 pixels which might forces you to loosen the digital camera experience in some ways. Though, still many users suppose it be the best smartphone in display sizes as it offers AMOLED body to prevent your phones against scratches, knocks and bumps. It offers PureMotion HD+ to have clear view even in the sunlight.

Whereas, many similar category smartphones offer the same functionality but the colorful polycarbonate body of this yellowish Lumia looks more stylish and usually have longer durability.

Isn’t it impressive to have so much power in this cool distinct Camera that compels you to ditch over other smartphone manufacturers. Lumia 1020 clearly shines when we talk about the Camera and no other popular manufactures like Samsung or Apple Inc. have powerful image editing applications to lets you feel the superb glimpse of any taken images. Picture editing options in Lumia 1020 are Cinema graph, panorama, Nokia Smart Cam and creative studio.

Designing and Specifications
Lumia 1020 will be available in three manifest colors: White, Yellow & Black and offers squad corners with rounded spines that makes easier for holding and carry anywhere. This phone certainly impresses you in many way as soon you get the chance to hold it on your hand and gives you premium feel while 3G calling, taking photos, playing games or whatever else you like.

1020 is slightly abbreviated than its predecessor 920, but without compromising its shining look or high capacitive large size camera at the back. It also has soft touch coating that provides less slippery feelings than the 920’s tight back surface. 

Nokia pays special attention on the operating speed of Lumia 1020, comes with 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and has non expandable 32 GB of internal storage capacity. Don’t worry about the memory as you’ll get supplemented 7 GB cloud storage SkyDrive space, free gift from Microsoft. No enhancements to expand storage capacity any further would be disappointing for users with lots of videos, music and games, but 32 of capacity could still fulfill the desire to a greater extent.

The Ending Words
Wow factor in this Lumia 1020 is absolutely its 41 Mega Pixel camera, though it would be hard to say about the long term joys that serious photographer wants to have. One thing is for sure, the asking price of $300 couldn’t be the big one for this dual benefits device that brings you more than you ever thought. Unlike other smartphones in Lumia family, the prices of Lumia 1020 can’t be supposed to go down before 5 or 6 months of its release.