Sunday, 16 September 2012

Data Corruption on Mac OS X

Data corruption is not a new term for a computer systems, not even for Macs. We can only assume how much amount of time and money is wasted in the event of hardware corruption and data loss.
If Mac OS X is showing the awkward behaviour like sudden crashes, spinning beach ball etc. then it is a sign of Mac corruption and it's time to tighen the belt and put up the backup gear. Otherwise you can lost all the data due to corruption in Mac file system.

Possible causes that can leads to corruption of Mac:
  • Storage device is not ejected properly. If we do not properly eject or safely remove the storage devices like external hard drive, etc then possibility of data corruption can arouse.
  • Corrupted files in the operating system can lead to data corruptions in Mac.
  • Improper shutdown of Mac arouses more possibility of data corruption.
  • Other issues like hardware failure and damage etc. are one of the prime reasons that makes the entire data corrupted.
  • Incompatible drivers can also be responsible for data corruption.
  • Power dips, surges and failure can also be held responsible for corruption of data.
So these issues can lead to the corruption of data and cause huge data loss if we do not take proper precaution or plan effective strategies.

Precaution and ways to protect Mac from data corruption:
We should take proper precauttions and steps to protect Mac from getting corrupted. Some important steps to follow are:
  • Take regular backups: Backup should be created to recover data in the event of data loss due to corruption. Make use of Time Machine (for Macs having 10.5 and above) which creates incremental back up of the drive. Use a clone software to create a smiliar drive (may be a bootable one).
  • Check status of Mac Timely: Set a schedule, check the status of the Mac hard drive weekly by using tools like S.M.A.R.T. With this feature you can check the status of Mac hard drive and take proper precaution if some error has shown by this tool.
  • Use non-interrupted power supply: Use power supply which is free from surges, dips and failure. A computer parts including the hard drive are sensitive to the power fluctuations.
  • Safely remove hardware: Whenever you want to remove any external hard drive or pendrive or any external storage media then eject it properly and safely remove it.
So, in the event of data corruption you have many ways to fix this issue. In case every method to resolve this error fails, then you can try the recovery of data using a reliable data recovery software