Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pros and cons of cloning a hard drive

Disk cloning is the process of creating the exact working replica of a hard drive onto an external hard drive. After creating clone of a hard drive or volume the clone can be used immediately. Clone is a backup of data but there is a difference between backup and cloning. In backup we just save the content or data to a diferent location without worrying about the system.

Benefits of cloning hard drive:
  • Creates an accurate replica of the source HDD making it a ready-to-use copy.
  • If a virus/malware corrupts Mac then simply delete the corrupted system and use its clone to replace it.
  • If somehow the system gets damaged then, cloned copy of the system will help to restore everything back.
  • In the event of purchase of the new hard drive, you just need to have a clone of the previous Mac hard drive and use it to move all the previous data onto the new hard drive.
Negative aspects of cloning hard drive:
  • Cloning is a time-consuming process. May take hours to copy the content of a large hard drive.
  • To make a clone there must be an alternative hard drive available with you. So, it is very costly.
For complete cloning and backup solutions of the hard drive you can trust Stellar Drive Clone utility. This tool is a complete packgae for drive cloning, drive imaging and restoration of volume from folders or image file.

Main features of this tool are:
  • Cloning of hard drive and volumes
  • Cloning of SSD drives to Mac hard drive.
  • Supports HFS, HFS, FAT and exFAT file systems.
  • Cloning of hard drives formatted with MBR(Master Boot Record) partition map scheme.
  • Imaging of the Mac hard drive or volume. In imaging this tool skips the bad sectors and creates image for good sectors only.
  • Resizing of the destination hard drive in case the destination hard drive has space left after cloning.This tool resizes the volume on the destination hard drive and make the free memeory usable.
  • Restore feature of this tool provides facility to restore data from the clone in case of data loss.
  • If Mac crashes and fails to boot then for this condition this tool provides a faeture to create a bootable DVD that will boot the system.
  • It has a very striking feature of creating the minimal system having only the necessary system files needed to operate the Mac.
Clone of HDD should be created using only the quality tool and this tool has so many striking features that makes it to stand above in the crowd from different cloning software available in the market.