Monday, 2 April 2012

Recover lost data from Hard Disk drive failure

Hard disk drive of computer is a non-volatile storage media which store all important data such as files, folders, documents, software etc. Hard disk drive of computer also store operating system files such as, Ntldr, Msdos.sys etc. which are required during the start-up of operating system.

All electronics goods have its life expectancy. Some electronic goods stops working within month or some works many years. In case of hard disk drive it might stop working within a month or it continues its operation for many years. There are two types of hard disk failure, physical failure and logical failure.

Reasons of Physical failure:
1. Hard disk stops working due to sudden power surge
2. Mechanical failure of hard disk drive component such as platter, spindle etc
3. Mishandling of hard disk drive
4. Over-heating of hard disk drive

Reasons of Logical failure:
1. Virus or Trojan attack on the data of hard disk drive
2. Accidentally deletion of partition of hard disk drive
3. Accidental shut down of the pc or computer.

In case of physical failure, it’s really hard to recover lost data manually. There should be intense care required to recover lost data from physical damaged hard disk drive without any further damaged to hard disk drive of computer. You need to contact any data recovery specialist company to recover your data. Data recovery Services Company recover lost data from the physically damaged hard disk drive in the clean-room with the help of advanced data recovery tools.

Data loss from hard disk drive due to logical failure can be easily recovered with the help of advanced data recovery software. These data recovery software uses advanced algorithm to recover your lost data without any further damaged to the data which are already present in hard disk drive of computer.